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Qolsys IQ Wireless Temperature Sensor (QS-5515-840)
Qolsys IQ Wireless Temperature Sensor (QS-5515-840)
Item# QS-5515-840
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Qolsys QS-5515-840 Temperature Sensor:

The Qolsys IQ Temperature Sensor QS-5515-840 is designed to alert you if temperatures drop below 40°F or rise above 100°F. The QS-5515-840 warns against severe temperature changes, depending on the users desired monitoring (i.e. freezing pipes or home comfort). The low temperature alarm restores when temperatures rise above 45°F, and the high temperature alarm restores when temperature drops below 95°F. This early warning may help you protect your valuables, pets and home from extreme heat or cold in the event of a HVAC or thermostat failure. Homeowners are alerted to the danger via text message and on-screen notifications on the IQ Panel. The QS-5515-840 is ideally suited for a wide range of mounting applications including; bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements. The IQ Temp uses a new antenna design enabling better performance on a variety of surfaces, including metal doors, and has a 8-10 year battery life. With the QS-5515-840, you will know there is a problem before it becomes a disaster.

Product Features:

  • Freeze detection alerts panel if temp. drops below 40°F
  • High temp. sensor alerts panel if temp. exceeds 100°F
  • Great to detect HVAC failure
  • Protect elderly, infirm, pets

Qolsys QS-5515-840 Specifications:

  • Cover tamper
  • Wireless signal range : 600ft (200M), open air
  • Unique ID for each function
  • Transmitter frequency : 319.5MHz
  • Temperature check every 5 minutes
  • Battery checked every hour
  • Batteries (2): Panasonic CR2032, Energizer CR2032, Duracell DL2032

Q & A's : Qolsys QS-5515-840 IQ Wireless Temperature Sensor

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