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PROXTG-GY - Honeywell Proximity Tag (in Grey Color)

PROXTG-GY - Honeywell Proximity Tag (in Grey Color)
PROXTG-GY - Honeywell Proximity Tag (in Grey Color)
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Honeywell PROXGY-BK Prox Tag:

The PROXTG-GY is grey-color proximity tag, designed for use with Honeywell 6160PX and FA570PX alarm keypad(s). The 6160PX can be armed away or disarmed with a single swipe of the proximity tag, making operation effortless while reducing false alarms. Prox keypad can be installed in hardwired or wireless installations. The built in Prox reader has it's own ECP address separate from the keypad address. It is for use with prox tags. Two prox tags comes with the 6160PX keypad. Each prox tag is enrolled as a "user" in the alarm system by programming the last four digits of the tag's serial number as the user code. The Prox Reader uses an additional keypad address, which must be enabled at the control panel (see control panel installation instructions for allowable keypad addresses). The Prox Tags in two colors, black (PROXTG-BK) and gray (PROXTG-GY). The Prox Tags will only arm and disarm one partition. The Prox Reader cannot be used to perform global arming operations. Keeping in mind that the partition used for the Keypad, Prox Reader, and user security code must be the same.

Product Features:
Dimensions: 40.5 x 32.0 x 4.2 mm
Operating Frequency: 13.56Mhz
Operating Temperature: -13°F - 167°F (-25°C - 75°C)
Operating Relative Humidity: 95&per; RH
• Small, easy-to-use on keychain
• Grey Color

Honeywell PROXTG-GY Compatible:

• 6160PX
• FA570PX
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