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About Napco Manufactured Alarm Communicators?

GeoArm and Napco's wireless alarm communication products deliver a unique combination of reliable technology and superior value. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in New York, Napco has been manufacturing a wide array of security products for intrusion, fire, video and wireless alarm communications. Simply put, Napco has a proven track record of developing cutting edge advanced technology and high quality security solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and government applications. Napco's most popular product lines include Gemini and F64-Series hardware/wireless intrusion systems and iSee Video internet video solutions. Currently, millions of businesses, institutions, homes, and people around the globe are protected by Napco's security products. Each and every Napco security product is precisely manufactured to meet or exceed industry specifications. All products are ISO 9001: 2000 Certified. Quality is assured during product development with a multi-sequence, from computerized GenRad in-circuit testing, to proprietary custom pretesting that checks for 100% correct PCB operation. Napco quality assurance follows this with a full-functional testing of the assembled product, and lastly by burn-in, where the equipment is torture-tested under load and other extreme conditions. Without exception Napco and GeoArm together provide products and services of only the utmost caliber.
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