DSC11-ZWUS - Aeotec Smart Power Strip (6-Sockets)

DSC11-ZWUS - Aeotec Smart Power Strip (6-Sockets)
DSC11-ZWUS - Aeotec Smart Power Strip (6-Sockets)
Item# DSC11-ZWUS

Please Note: The Aeotec DSC11-ZWUS smart power strip has been discontinued without replacement.

Aeotec DSC11 Product Description:

The Aeotec DSC11 is a Z-Wave smart power strip crafted to power wireless control of multiple power sockets from one convenient power board. Whether for your home office or home theatre or anywhere else you have a need for a power board, the DSC11 empowers your electronics with all the Z-Wave functionality you'd expect and all the protection they need.

On this DSC11 one smart board, you'll find 6 power outlets. Each is monitored by Aeotec's reliable energy-metering technology, with power consumption reported back to your Z-Wave network for perfect energy management. Four of the outlets can be individually and wirelessly controlled via Z-Wave. That's the control and intelligence you'd expect. On top of that you'll find the protection you need, with all 6 power outlets benefiting from surge protection and over-current protection.

With Aeotec's DSC11 Smart Power Strip, your electronics are made Z-Wave and they're made safe.

Product Features:

  • Smart power strip that offers Z-Wave control, energy monitoring and electronics protection.
  • 6 power outlets; 4 are wirelessly controllable.
  • Save money with energy monitoring and by automatically turning electronics off.
  • Energy consumption readings are 99% accurate.
  • Electronics are protected against power surges and over-currents.
  • Acts as a Z-Wave network repeater.
  • Supports Z-Wave Explorer Frames for simple installation, integration and use.

Aeotec DSC11 Product Specifications:

  • Operating temperature: 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
  • Relative humidity: 8% to 80%
  • Operating distance: Up to 300 feet/100 meters outdoors
  • Max standby power: <0.8W
  • Power measurement accuracy: + or - 3W
  • Rated output: Max 15A total between all 6 outlets
  • Power input: 120VAC, 60Hz only
  • Number of controllable ports: 4
  • Number of plugin sockets: 6
  • Energy Reading Outlets: 6 and the sum of all outlets
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