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WT5500 - DSC Wireless 2-Way Alarm Keypad

WT5500 - DSC Wireless 2-Way Alarm Keypad
WT5500 - DSC Wireless 2-Way Alarm Keypad
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WT5500 DSC Alexor Wireless Alarm Keypad Product Description:
The WT5500 2-way wireless keypad provides an intuitive and convenient interface to the Alexor wireless security system control panel. The keypad allows you to arm or disarm your security system as well as check system status. The Alexor is the first completely wireless security system to separate the control panel from the system keypads. Unlike all-in-one self contained wireless security systems that carry the risk of “smash-and-grab”, the Alexor is designed for quick and easy installation of the wireless control panel in a safe hidden location and up to (4) WT5500 wireless keypads installed at premise entry/exit points for convenient system control.

Each WT5500 keypad is powered by (4) alkaline AA batteries and requires absolutely no electrical wiring for installation. If the keypad is ever removed or tampered with, the 2-way wireless supervision between the Alexor control panel and each installed keypad will alert both you and GeoArm’s central station that the system has lost a keypad. The 2-way wireless signal between the control panel and each WT5500 keypad is fully encrypted and secure which prohibits any unauthorized signal interference.

In addition to a large, easy-to-read LCD display, the keypad has an ambient light sensor which can detect the light in a room and automatically adjust the display and keypad backlighting. The keypad is also capable of multiple door chimes so you can setup pre-programmed chimes to distinguish which door is being opened even when the system is disarmed. For instance, your front door could make a different chime than your liquor cabinet or pool gate. These different audible chimes provide additional value from your Alexor security system beyond simple burglary protection.

WT5500 DSC Alexor Wireless Alarm Keypad Free Custom Programming:
Custom security system programming is FREE for all GeoArm monitored clients.

GeoArm Recommendation:
Install a WT5500 wireless keypad at every frequently used entry/exit point to your location (maximum of (4) keypads per Alexor security system). Use GeoArm’s included industrial strength VELCRO® strips or wall anchors and screws to mount the keypad wall plate in a convenient location near each entry point. The keypad then easily snaps into the wall plate, making removal for battery replacement simple and fast. Because the keypads can be programmed with (3) panic buttons (medical, police, and fire), a master bedroom is another recommended place to install a WT5500.

WT5500 DSC Alexor Wireless Alarm Keypad Compatibility:
Alexor PC9155 Wireless Alarm Control Panel

WT5500 DSC Alexor Wireless Alarm Keypad Features:
  • 2 x 16 full message display
  • Intuitive clock programming
  • Display and keypad backlighting
  • Multiple door chime
  • Outdoor temperature display (requires wireless outdoor siren/strobe)
  • Capable of programming an Alexor security system
  • Multi-language support
  • (5) programmable function keys
  • (3) one-touch emergency keys
  • 2-way wireless supervision and tamper protection
  • Backed by DSC's 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty

WT5500 DSC Alexor Wireless Alarm Keypad

Dimensions (L x W x D) 170 x 124 x 36 (mm) or 6.7 x 4.9 x 1.42 (in)
Weight 1.0lb (450g with backplate and battery)
Battery (4) AA cell 1.5V alkaline batteries (included)
Battery Life 3 years (normal use)
Wireless Range 984ft (300m) Nominal Open Air
Operating Environment -4° to 129°F (-20° to 54°C)
Relative Humidity 5% to 95%

WT5500 DSC Alexor Wireless Alarm Keypad PDFs for Additional Information:
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