Existing Security System Upgrade

Existing Security System Upgrade
Existing Security System Upgrade
List Price: $400.00
Your Price: $150.00
Alarm Monitoring Plan:  Security System Keypad Replacement: 

New DSC Phone & VoIP Hybrid Security System Upgrade from GeoArm.
Step 1: Choose Your Preferred Nationwide Alarm Monitoring Plan.
Step 2: Customize Your System Using the Sensor Dropdowns.
Step 3: Click Order Today & Complete the Checkout Process.
Step 4: GeoArm Will Ship Your Pre-Programmed System for Free.

Alarm Control Panel Upgrade:
Upgrade your old existing hardwired security system to a new hybrid security system from GeoArm. If your current security system is not working properly or is locked out of programming, you don't need to replace the entire system. Simply replace your existing security system control panel and keypads and continue to use your existing hardwired door/window contacts, motion detectors, glassbreak detectors, etc. This security system upgrade can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the cost of a completely new security system.

The added bonus of the GeoArm hybrid security system is that the hardwired keypad included in this security system upgrade has a built-in wireless receiver. The wireless receiver in the keypad allows for easy security system expansion in the future. If you ever wanted to expand your security system with extra security sensors, you wouldn't have to pay for costly hardwired installations or worry about tearing up your home's walls to run new wires. You could simply add a new wireless door/window contact, wireless motion detector or any other wireless security sensor you wanted.

Security System Upgrade Includes:
  • Live 24/7 UL-listed central station alarm monitoring using VoIP or a phone line
  • Burglar alarm certificate – (Qualifies you for up to 20% off your home owner's insurance)
  • (1) 6-Zone DSC Hardwired Alarm Control Panel (expandable up to 16 hardwired zones)
  • (1) Hardwired Alarm Keypad w/built-in Wireless Receiver (supports 32 wireless zones)
  • Free security yard sign and (5) security window stickers

Miscellaneous Items: Transformer w/Power Cord, Back Up Battery

Security System Keypad Replacement:
If your current security system has more than one alarm keypad, you need to choose the correct amount of keypads in the "Security System Keypad Replacement" dropdown. When upgrading your existing security system’s control panel, you have to upgrade each of the keypads on your security system to match the new control panel.

This dropdown is only meant to replace the current amount of keypads that you have on your security system currently. Do not use this dropdown to upgrade your security system with additional keypads.

What Happens After I Order My Security System Upgrade?
After you order, you will receive a confirmation email that will include a link to an easy online form where you will fill out your current security system zone descriptions along with your account information. Once we have received your customer information form, a GeoArm representative will call you to schedule your security system upgrade.

Need Additional Security?
Cellular Alarm Monitoring - Eliminate your phone line and add a universal cellular alarm communicator to your security system upgrade to receive GeoArm's cellular alarm monitoring, the most secure alarm communication path available.

Video Alarm Monitoring - See what you've been missing by adding a Videofied XTENDER video alarm control panel to your security system upgrade along with indoor wireless MotionViewers™ and/or outdoor wireless MotionViewers™ to experience GeoArm's advanced video alarm monitoring.

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