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DCV601 - Videofied Wireless Indoor MotionViewer Camera

DCV601 - Videofied Wireless Indoor MotionViewer Camera
Please Note: The Videofied DCV601 wireless indoor MotionViewer has been discontinued and replaced by the IMV601 model number.

DCV601 Videofied Wireless Indoor MotionViewer Product Description:
This is a battery operated, wireless indoor motion-activated video camera. The camera is typically installed in areas where broad viewing/detection coverage is needed. When the alarm system is armed and the motion detector senses motion or movement, the detector transmits a signal and activates the camera which captures a 10-second digital video segment. The alarm and video segment are reported via the control panel to the GeoArm's Central Station. An email showing the event can also be sent your computer or cell phone for remote viewing.

The camera is powered by (3) AA cell 3.6V lithium batteries, which are included with this item. Typical battery life is four years under normal conditions. The DCV601 comes backed by RSI Video Technologies' 2 year limited warranty.

DCV601 Videofied Wireless Indoor MotionViewer Free Custom Programming:
Custom security system programming is FREE for all GeoArm monitored clients.

DCV601 Videofied Wireless Indoor MotionViewer

Physical Data
Material Plastic, ABS-ULVO
Dimensions (L x W x D) 89 x 70 x 70 (mm) or 3.5 x 2.75 x 2.75 (in)
Weight 150g/5.3oz (without batteries)
Electrical Data
Power Requirements (3) 3.6V Battery
Battery Type Lithium LS14500
Battery Life Up to 4 Years
RF Technology SView
Radio Type Spread Spectrum Bidirectional RF
Operating Frequency 868/915/920 MHz
Transmission Security AES Algorithm Encryption
Supervision Polled Signal Every 8 Minutes
Antenna Integrated
Tamper Detection Wall and Cover Tampered
Camera Sensor Type CMOS Black and White
Camera Resolution 320 x 240 Pixels
Camera Sensitivity 0.2 Lux
Camera Lens Wide Angle 85
Camera Response Less than 100 milliseconds after PIR Detection
Video Sequence in Intrusion 5 Frames/Second for 10 seconds
Night Illumination 2 Infrared LED
Night Illumination Switching Automatic
Night Illumination Distance 4.5m/14ft.
Motion Detector Technology Passive Infrared
Motion Detector Type Dual Element
Motion Lens Fresnel
Motion Detection Angle 90
Motion Detection Distance 40ft./12m
Motion Detection Pattern 24 Facets
(9) Main-12m/40ft.
(8) Intermediate-8m/26ft.
(5) Short-4m/13ft.
(2) Creep Zones-1.2m/4ft.
Operating Temperature 0/+40C (32/104F)
Maximum Relative Humidity 70%, Non-Condensing
Approvals FCC (DCV601)
Camera/Base (1) screw secures camera to base;
(2) screws secure camera base to mounting surface
Mounting Height 2.1 to 2.3m (6.9 to 7.5ft.)

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