889LM - LiftMaster MyQ Garage Door Wall Control Panel

889LM - LiftMaster MyQ Garage Door Wall Control Panel
889LM - LiftMaster MyQ Garage Door Wall Control Panel
Item# 889LM

Please Note: The LiftMaster 889LM MyQ garage door wall control panel has been discontinued without replacement.

LiftMaster 889LM Product Description:

The LiftMaster® 889LM MyQ control panel is designed for LiftMaster garage doors manufactured after 1998 with a red or purple "learn" button. Together when paired with the 828LM internet gateway module, you can retrofit your existing LiftMaster garage door opener to the new MyQ and Security+ 2.0 radio systems so you can control your garage door with your smartphone, tablet or computer.

MyQ technology uses a 900MHz signal to provide two-way communication between the garage door opener and MyQ enabled accessories. When programmed to the LiftMaster Internet Gateway you can monitor and control your garage door from any internet enabled computer or smartphone. You may program up to 12 Security+ 2.0 remote controls, 2 Security+ 2.0 keyless entries and a combination of 16 MyQ accessories to the MyQ control panel.

Install the MyQ control panel in place of the existing door control, within sight of garage door, out of reach of small children at a minimum height of 5 feet (1.5 m) above floors, landings, steps or any other adjacent walking surface, and away from ALL moving parts of door. Due to power consumption the MyQ control panel cannot be used in conjunction with another wired door control connected to your garage door opener. If an additional door control is needed, the wireless door control model 885LM can be programmed to the MyQ control panel.

The MyQ control panel is not compatible with Security+ 2.0® garage door openers. Do not install this door control on garage door opener systems controlling one-piece or swing doors.

Product Features:

  • Upgrade Existing LiftMaster Older Panels: Allows any LiftMaster Garage Door Opener manufactured since 1998 to be controlled with your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Interactive Capabilities: Receive activity alerts and open/close your garage door on your smartphone (828LM Gateway is required).
  • Onsite Light Control: Control your Garage Door Opener lights from inside your garage.
  • Adjustable Light Timer: Variable light timer with Timer-to-Close feature.
  • Easy Programming : Sync remote controls and myQ-Enabled accessories directly from the control panel.
  • Wide Safety Sensor: Equipped with a 150° sensing angle motion detector.
  • Amazon In-Garage Delivery: Enables secure in-garage delivery for Amazon Prime packages. Eligible Prime Members simply download the Key by Amazon App and link it to your myQ account.
  • Compatible App Platforms: Alarm.com, Amazon, Apple® HomeKit™, Clare Controls, Resideo, IFTTT, Tend, Wink, Xfinity®

LiftMaster 889LM Product Compatibility:

General Compatibility:

  • Compatible with LiftMaster openers manufactured after 1998 with a red or purple "learn" button.
  • Internet Gateway (828LM) that enables smartphone control sold separately.

Security+ 2.0 Accessories Compatibility:

  • Model 891LM - 1-Button Remote Control
  • Model 893LM - 3-Button Remote Control
  • Model 890MAX - 3-Button Mini MAX Remote Control
  • Model 893MAX - 3-Button MAX Remote Control
  • Model 895MAX - 3-Button Premium MAX Remote Control
  • Model 877LM - Wireless Keyless Entry
  • Model 877MAX - Wireless MAX Keyless Entry

MyQ Accessories Compatibility:

  • Model 823LM - Remote Light Switch
  • Model 825LM - Remote Light Control
  • Model 828LM - LiftMaster Internet Gateway
  • Model 829LM - Garage Door and Gate Monitor
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