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2GIG-SDS1-345 - Smoke Detector Sensor (Smoke Ring)

2GIG-SDS1-345 - Smoke Detector Sensor (Smoke Ring)
Please Note: The 2GIG-SDS1-345 wireless smoke detector ring has been discontinued without replacement.

2GIG-SDS1-345 Product Description:

The 2GIG-SDS1-345 is a smoke detector sensor designed for use with 2GIG wireless control panels and Honeywell 5800-series compatible wireless control panels. Traditional interconnected smoke detectors are designed to send audible alerts throughout the home if any one of the units detects smoke - but they are not designed to communicate the event to an alarm panel.

Now, DIYer's can add a new layer of protection to a their existing interconnected AC-powered smoke detection system, by providing a professionally-monitored alert signal transmission when smoke is detected by any or all of the interconnected, AC-powered smoke detectors. The 2GIG-SDS1-345 "Smoke Ring" smoke detector sensor/transmitter is the ideal solution to make homes even more safe and secure. The 2GIG smoke detector sensor/transmitter (aka "Smoke Ring") works in conjunction with traditional AC powered interconnected smoke detectors to communicate alerts to 2GIG (or other 345 MHz) alarm systems.

The 2GIG-SDS1-345 installs discreetly between the existing AC-powered smoke detector and the ceiling, providing a clean, unobtrusive solution. Utilizing the same AC line (110V AC) powered sensor current that powers the smoke detector, the 2GIG-SDS1-345 will always be "on" and, with a 7+ day battery backup, will even operate during a power outage.

Only one sensor/transmitter is needed when used inhomes outfitted with interconnected, AC-powered smoke detector systems. (No need to install multiple Smoke Ring transmitters). The 2GIG-SDS1-345 is quick and easy to install using existing wiring and clipon connectors. This makes retrofitting a 2GIG "Smoke Ring" onto an existing interconnected smoke detection system a valuable offering for DIYer's.

Product Features:

  • Installs between ceiling and existing AC-powered interconnected smoke detector
  • Converts traditional AC-powered interconnected smoke detector systems to work with wireless alarm panels
  • Backup battery sends alarm transmissions in the event of power failure
  • Sleek mounting between existing AC-powered smoke detector and ceiling with easy 3-wire connection
  • Easy to see device status indicators

2GIG-SDS1-345 Product Specifications:

  • Wireless Protocol/Frequency: 2GIG & Honeywell / 345 MHz
  • Output Messages: Alarm, Low Battery, Tamper/Error, Supervisory
  • Backup Battery (included): CR2032A or equivalent Lithium batteries
  • Backup Battery Life: >3 years with AC power, >7 days without AC power
  • Operating Temperature: 32°-104°F (0° - 40°C)
  • Relative Humidity: 5-95% Non-Condensing
  • Weight: 8.57 oz. (243g)
  • Certification: FCC, IC, UL 217, ULC S531

2GIG-SDS1-345 Product Includes:

  • Smoke Detector Sensor
  • CR2032 backup battery
  • Mounting package included
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