2GIG-BATT1X Extended Alarm Battery Pack

2GIG-BATT1X - Extended Battery Pack
2GIG-BATT1X - Extended Battery Pack
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2GIG-BATT1X Product Description:

The 2GIG-BATT1X is an extended alarm battery pack for 2GIG Go!Control security systems. The BATT1X is for users that want to extend the backup battery life on their 2GIG panel. Ensuring that you have properly functioning back up batteries is very important due to possible power outages, that may require your 2GIG panel to run soley off of backup battery. The 2GIG-BATT1X has been discontinued and replaced by the 2GIG-BATT2X model number.

Product Features:

  • Optional extra capacity battery
  • Replaces standard internal Control Panel battery
  • Required for UL985 fire warning system listing
  • Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery

Q & A's : 2GIG BATT1X Extended Alarm Battery Pack

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