RE663 - Alula Wireless LED Alarm Touchpad (for Connect+ Panel)

RE663 - Alula Wireless LED Alarm Touchpad (for Connect+ Panel)
RE663 - Alula Wireless LED Alarm Touchpad (for Connect+ Panel)
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Alula RE663 Product Description:

The Alula RE663 is an Connect+ encrypted wireless LED alarm keypad with that is designed for the Connect+ control panel. The RE663 keypad is easy to use with 6 one-touch buttons that the user to disarm, arm in stay mode, alarm in away mode, night mode, silent arm and instant arm by pressing just one button.

The RE663 LED keypad can be mounted to a wall or placed on a table. The keypad has backlit keys and an LED light bar to provide visual arming status. Amber colors on the corner of the keypad indicate a trouble condition. The light bar blinks periodically and will double blink periodically if zones are open.

It can be battery operated or powered by existing AC. To trigger a panic alarm, hold the asterisk and pound button simultaneously.

Product Features:

  • Compatible with Helix/Connect+ Panel
  • White Color Casing
  • Displays real-time status
  • Easy to read LED keys
  • Light bar confirms arming status
  • Wall or table mount
  • AC powered, or 1-year battery life
  • User replaceable batteries
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty

Alula RE663 Product Specifications:

  • Wall Dimensions: 3.81in (9.67cm) x 5.1in (12.94cm) x 1.55in (3.94cm) Deep
  • Table-Top Dimensions: 3.81in (9.67cm) x 5.47in (13.89cm) x 3.17in (8.05cm) High
  • Weight: 1.00lbs (454g)
  • Color: White
  • Pilot Hole for Screw into Wood: 1/8in (3mm)
  • Pilot Hole for Wall Anchor: 3/16in (4.7mm)
  • Mounting Fasteners: #6 screws & 2 wall anchors (included)
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Replacement Battery: 4 Panasonic AA (Alkaline)
  • Normal Battery Life: 1 year (under typical use)
  • Battery Voltage: 6.0 VDC (nominal), TBD VDC (low)
  • Current Draw: TBD (Maximum), 9uA (Quiescent)
  • Transmitted Indications: Low Battery, Tamper, Supervision
  • Operating Temperature: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)
  • Maximum Humidity: 85% non-condensing relative humidity
  • No Accessories Needed: Connect+ has bluetooth built-in, power supply included
  • FCC: U5X-RE663
  • ICC: 8310A-RE663

Alula RE663 Product One-Touch Buttons:

Easy to Operate Buttons:

  • Disarm - All sensor disarmed
  • Stay - Perimeter sensors armed, interior sensors disarmed
  • Away - All sensor armed
  • Night Mode - Perimeter sensors armed, select interior sensors armed
  • Silent Arm - Removes arming beeps in any arming state
  • Instant Arm - Removes entry delay
  • Panic - Press asterisk * and Pound # button at same time

Alula RE663 Light Bar LED Status:

Arming Bar:

  • Green - Disarmed
  • Light Blue - Armed
  • Red - Away
  • Dark Blue - Night Mode

Alula RE663 Product Pro Tips:

Professional Suggestions:

  • Wire can be hidden by running the wires through a hole behind the wall mounting plate and along the back side of the drywall to a location with an outlet.
  • Switching to battery only power mode can be done by restarting the keypad with the battery power. First, remove wall power supply and batteries. Wait 10 seconds. Then, power the keypad back up with only batteries. In battery only power mode, AC failure will not be indicated.
  • Unenrollment can be done by following the same steps as enrollment.
  • Force unenroll can be done when no panel is present. Hold the 1 and 3 keys simultaneously to enter unenrollment mode. After the keypad fails to unenroll, hold the 1 and 3 keys simultaneously again to force unenroll.
  • AC loss will cause an AC fail trouble condition after 1 minute and will switch to battery operation blinking display after 10 minutes of continued AC loss.
  • Adjust blink rate by holding the Instant Arm button and pressing the * or # key. This can only be done when the device is operating in battery only mode and is not tampered. Blink interval options are Off, 10 seconds (default), 5 seconds, and 2.5 seconds. A portion of the light bar will illuminate to indicate how much feedback will be given.

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  A must-have wireless Keypad,
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Alula has been an excellent system, from day one. Great products at fair prices. Their response center and tech support have been flawless. I keep expanding my system as needed. Would buy it again.

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