MXD3G - Telguard All-in-One Medical PERS Alert Cellular Alarm Communicator

MXD3G - Telguard All-in-One Medical PERS Alert Cellular Alarm Communicator
MXD3G - Telguard All-in-One Medical PERS Alert Cellular Alarm Communicator
Item# MXD3G01

Please Note: The Telguard MXD3G all-in-one medical PERS alert cellular alarm communicator has been discontinued without replacement.

Telguard MXD3G Product Description:

The Telguard MXD3G is a all-in-one cellular pers, personal emergency response, turnkey solution for senior monitoring. Mytrex's MXD3G, integrated with Telguard's cellular technology and service, provides a robust, easy to install cellular solution without the need for a telephone line. Ideal for new and existing customers, the MXD3G allows seniors to access help in case of a medical emergency at an affordable price.

Telguard's Communication Center is UL compliant and provides seamless connectivity between the MXD3G and the GeoArm central monitoring station. The MXD3G contains an increased battery life with uninterrupted power for 60+ hours. Additionally, the base unit; provides battery over-charge, under-charge and over discharge protection, performs live capacity battery monitoring, delivers low, dead and bad battery reporting.

The MXD3G leverages Telguard's proven cellular technology, and is one of today's only complete all-in-one cellular PERS solutions. The MXD3G was designed to be easily shipped to and self-installed by the GeoArm DIYer.

Product Features:

  • A complete turnkey cellular PERS solution.
  • Designed for quick and easy self-installation.
  • No proprietary central station equipment required.
  • Leverages technology for 3G/4G networks to protect your hardware investment.
  • Superior audio quality and voice range.
  • Alarm Format: Contact ID
  • Tabletop or wall mountable.
  • Voice prompts in two languages.
  • Audible signal strength notification.
  • 60+ hours of backup battery.
  • Supports up to two optional medication dispensers.

Telguard MXD3G Product Specifications:

  • Power Consumption: 9VDC, 500mA
  • Battery Consumption: 6V, 1.2Ah Sealed Lead-Acid Battery

Personal Help Button: (comes included part number: RA3TX-DLR)

  • Water Resistant: Down to 6 ft.
  • Type: Superheterodyne
  • Modulation: OOK, Manchester
  • RF Sensitivity: -115 dBm
  • Typical Range: Over 600 ft.
  • Frequency: 418 MHz.

Fall Detection Button (sold seperately as part number: ASM-MYAA)

  • Dimensions: 2.165" x 1.468" x 0.603" in
  • Weight: 1oz.
  • RF Transmission Frequency: 418 MHz.
  • Battery Life: 1 year or more
  • Battery Voltage: 3.0V
  • Frequency: 418 MHz.
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