IPDACT-2 - Honeywell Fire-Lite Commercial Fire Ethernet Alarm Communicator (for Universal Contact ID Control Panels)

IPDACT-2 - Honeywell Fire-Lite Commercial Fire Ethernet Alarm Communicator (for Universal Contact ID Control Panels)
IPDACT-2 - Honeywell Fire-Lite Commercial Fire Ethernet Alarm Communicator (for Universal Contact ID Control Panels)
Item# IPDACT-2

Please Note: The Honeywell Fire-Lite IPDACT-2 ethernet commercial fire communicator has been discontinued and replaced by the LTE-CFA/LTE-CFV model number(s).

Honeywell Fire-Lite IPDACT-2 Product Description:

The Honeywell Fire-Watch™ IPDACT-2 is a commercial fire internet IP alarm communicator from Fire-Lite Alarms that is designed to transmit fire alarm system information to the GeoArm central monitoring station over any standard IP network. The IPDACT-2 connects to a fire alarm control panel's standard telephone ports with no changes required to panel's existing configuration. The IPDACT-2 offers exclusive upload/download capabilities, a 512 bit encryption for added security and a reliable connection to GeoArm's central station monitoring facility.

Product Features:

  • Listed to UL Standard 864, Ninth Edition when used with Fire-Lite UL 864 Ninth Edition-listed panels.
  • Eliminates the cost of two dedicated phone lines. Only the customer's shared IP equipment is required.
  • Increases connection supervision to the central station from the once-a-day test signal to once every 30 - 90 seconds.
  • Requires no change to the existing panel configuration. The IP Communicator connect directly to the primary and secondary analog panel telephone ports.
  • Fast alarm transmission (less than 10 second transmission time).
  • Works over any type of customer-provided Ethernet 10/100 Base network connection (LAN or WAN), DSL modem or cable modem.
  • Data transmits over standard contact-ID protocol but is secured with the industry’s highest level of encryption (AES 512 bit).
  • Supports both dynamic (DHCP) or Public and Private Static IP addressing.
  • Supports dual-destination IP receiver address for high redundancy configurations: all signals are sent to a secondary address should the primary become unavailable.
  • User programmable UDP ports for flexibility and compatibility with firewalls and other network security components.
  • Supports an optional third maintenance receiver installed at the end user's facility that permits local alarm monitoring. Alarms are received simultaneously at both the central station and the customer's facility. A filter can be applied to annunciate specific alarm types such as trouble-only events.
  • Supports upload/download using existing, familiar programming tools.
  • Two supervised inputs and two outputs.

Honeywell Fire-Lite IPDACT-2 Product Compatibility:

• MS-5024UD
• MS-5210UD
• MS-9200UD
• MS-9600 (with optional DACT-UD)
• 411 or 411UD Slave Dialer (for use with any competitive fire panel)
• MS-9050UD
• MS-9200UDLS
• MS-9600UDLS or MS-9600LS (with optional DACT-UD2)
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