CB34UDRES01A - Resideo CellBounce AlarmNet Cellular Alarm Communicator (for AT&T 3G GSM to LTE Conversion)

CB34UDRES01A - Resideo CellBounce AlarmNet Cellular Alarm Communicator (for AT&T 3G GSM to LTE Conversion)
CB34UDRES01A - Resideo CellBounce AlarmNet Cellular Alarm Communicator (for AT&T 3G GSM to LTE Conversion)
Item# CB34UDRES01A

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Please Note: The Resideo CB34UDRES01A CellBounce cellular AT&T 3G GSM to LTE conversion module has been discontinued without replacement.

CellBounce CB34UDRES01A Product Description:

Resideo has partnered with CellBounce to help Security Dealers and Central Stations address the AT&T 3G Sunset on 2/22/2022.

Smart 3G To LTE® Conversion

The security industry is facing a major challenge: As cellular carriers begin to retire their 3G networks, existing AT&T 3G GSM Communicators will no longer be able to connect to a carrier network. CellBounce has developed technology, specifically designed to keep Resideo AlarmNet 3G GSM devices connected beyond the current 3G sunset of 2/22/22.

Quick and Easy Installation

CellBounce provides a seamless AT&T 3G GSM to LTE connection between an existing Resideo AT&T 3G GSM Communicator and AT&T LTE network. CellBounce is simple to activate and can be installed easily by the end-user by plugging it into an electrical outlet within 25 feet of their current communicator. CellBounce eliminates the need for a truck roll / technician to visit each site to upgrade or modify the existing device.

Services Maintained

When installed CellBounce establishes a conversion of the existing Resideo AT&T 3G GSM Communicator signals on the new LTE service. Service functionality of the AT&T network is maintained with the CellBounce unit.

Product Features:

  • Plug-and-play 3G to LTE conversion
  • Keep AT&T 3G devices connected past the sunset
  • Designed for quick and easy end-user installation
  • Easy provisioning via AlarmNet 360™
  • No truck roll needed
  • Doesn't require technicians entering homes and business
  • AT&T only
  • US only

CellBounce CB34UDRES01A Product Specifications:


  • 3G to LTE Bi-directional connectivity
  • 3G and LTE dedicated internal antennas
  • Supports AT&T® Global 3G and LTE Network
  • AT&T commits to support CellBounce devices on the AT&T network until May 1, 2025
  • Remote provisioning and configuration via Auto-Configuration Server using industry standard TR-069 protocol, including but not limited to:
-Initial provisioning
-Tx Band and Channel
-IMSI White List
-Firmware upgrades
-Log retrieval
-Reboot/status updates
-Factory reset


  • Dimensions: 5.5" x 3.25" x 3"
  • Supports SMS
  • Simple, end-user installation

LED Status Indicators

  • Power and Battery Status
  • 4G LTE Signal/Connectivity
  • 3G Signal/Connectivity
  • Trouble Conditions

Native Signals

For trouble conditions sent directly to central station (DC-09) and/or ACS. Audible beeps for trouble conditions. Silence switch for temporarily silencing audible beeps due to trouble conditions.


  • 24-hour backup battery for emergency power during AC loss
  • Sealed Lead Acid (6-Volt, 4.5 Ah)


  • UL 1023
  • UL 985
  • UL 1610

CellBounce CB34UDRES01A Product Installation:

  • Place your CellBounce within 25 feet of your alarm panel's communicator.
  • Plugged into an outlet that is not controlled by a switch.
  • Placed with all four LED indicators and the Silence button facing upright.
  • In an elevated location approximatively 3-4 feet above the nground, such as on top of a shelf or cabinet.

CellBounce CB34UDRES01A Product Troubleshooting:

  • If the Power LED is blinking yellow or red, 1) confirm that the unit is plugged in completely; 2) confirm that the breaker/switch for the outlet is on.
  • If 4G LTE® LED is blinking yellow, try re-locating the CellBounce device to another suitable location with better reception.
  • If 4G LTE LED is solid or blinking red, try re-locating the CellBounce device to another suitable location with better reception. If the condition exists for more than 15 minutes, please contact your Security Dealer for additional assistance.
  • If 3G LED is blinking yellow, confirm that the alarm panel is powered on, and if the condition exists for more than 15 minutes, try re-locating the device closer to the alarm panel.
  • If Status LED is solid or blinking yellow, the back panel of the unit may not be properly connected. Please contact your GeoArm for additional assistance.
  • If Status LED is solid or blinking red, the battery may not be properly connected. Please contact GeoArm for additional assistance.

CellBounce CB34UDRES01A Product Compatibility:

  • GSMV4G
  • Vista-21iP4G
  • 3GL/4GL
  • GSMVLP5-4G
  • LCP500-L
  • GSMX4G
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