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With services from GeoArm, there's no more turning back to make sure the doors are locked or rushing home to let someone in. lets you remotely monitor and control your locks so you can constantly stay aware and be empowered to take action from anywhere. makes it easy for you to lock or unlock a door remotely, or even better, create a lock access code for anyone who needs access to your home or business. You will be alerted immediately via text or email when someone unlocks a door. lock control means you don't have to give out keys to all the people who are authorized to enter your property - like your dog walker, neighbor, or babysitter - and then worry about getting the keys back later. It's easy to grant a new visitor access without having to run to the hardware store for a copy of the key. All you have to do is go to or you may sign in to your account from your smartphone. lock control is fully integrated with your security system, making it easy to manage your security system and lock users in one place. Keep track of all the activity that happens at your home or business after the door is unlocked using enabled sensors, motion detectors and video cameras.

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