80-922-1 - GE Interlogix Wireless Alarm Signal Repeater

80-922-1 - GE Interlogix Wireless Alarm Signal Repeater
80-922-1 - GE Interlogix Wireless Alarm Signal Repeater
Item# 80-922-1

Please Note: The Interlogix 80-922-1 wireless alarm signal repeater has been discontinued without replacement.

Interlogix 80-922-1 Product Description:

The GE Interlogix 80-922-1 is a wireless alarm repeater with a dual-antenna receiver for improved sensor data reception between a GE wireless security system and a GE wireless sensor. The 80-922-1 wireless alarm repeater has tamper protection for the enclosure, antennas and for mounting the unit on the wall. The wireless alarm repeater reports a supervision signal every 64 minutes so you will know if it ever loses its connection to your GE wireless security system. Three LEDs on the front of the unit indicate power status. The 80-922-1 wireless alarm repeater is compatible with all SAW and Crystal wireless security sensors.

The GE 80-922-1 wireless alarm repeater is recommended when you have a GE wireless sensor that is having RF supervision troubles. If you have a GE wireless sensor that is too far from your GE wireless alarm receiver or GE wireless security system, the 80-922-1 alarm repeater can solve the problem by boosting the range of the wireless signal.

Product Features:

  • Compact size allows mounting directly on inside of garage door; no wiring needed
  • Event-driven updates on door status
  • Supervisory reports on battery and transmitter condition
  • Trip delay features reduces false alarms
  • Sensor cover tamper for added security

Interlogix 80-922-1 Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 118 x 165 x 34 (mm) or 4.65 x 6.5 x 1.33 (in)
    plus (2) 216 (mm) or 8.5 (in) antennas
  • Weight: 5.6oz or (159g)
  • Transmitter Frequency: 319.508 MHz
  • Receiver Type: Superheterodyne
  • Range: 480 (m) or 1,000 (ft) open air
  • Current: 50 mA maximum
  • Required Transformer: 12 VDC (included)
  • Colors: Belgian Gray
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