LogicMark LifeSentry 37914 Medical Alert PERS Base Station by GEOARM®.

37914 - LogicMark LifeSentry Medical Alert PERS Base Station
37914 - LogicMark LifeSentry Medical Alert PERS Base Station
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This item is meant as a replacement for someone that has a broken LifeSentry base station. If you are looking to get a new LifeSentry PERS system, we recommend ordering the LogicMark LifeSentry Medical Alert PERS System which includes a base station and a two-way voice medical alert pendant.

37914 LogicMark LifeSentry PERS Base Station Product Description:
The LogicMark 37914 base station is the main unit for the LifeSentry PERS system. Each 37914 LifeSentry base station supports up to (4) two-way voice medical alert communicators. You can use any combination of two-way voice personal pendants or two-way voice wall communicators as long as you don't exceed (4) total devices. The base station is a voice prompted system that provides audible announcements that lead you through system programming, set-up and testing for ease of use. Simply plug the base station into a normal wall outlet using the supplied AC power adapter and then plug the phone cord into the back of the base station and into a live phone jack. You will then be able to communicate directly with GeoArm's central station through either a two-way voice pendant or two-way voice wall communicator.

The 37914 base station is powered by (4) NiMh rechargeable batteries that continually charge inside the base station and provide up to (24) hours of back-up power in the event of a power outage. It uses advanced DECT technology at 1.9 GHz which allows for super clear duplex voice communication.

All medical alert equipment is covered by LogicMark's (1) year limited warranty.

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