2GIG-SMKT3-345 - 2GIG Wireless Combo Smoke, Heat and Freeze Detector

2GIG-SMKT3-345 - 2GIG Wireless Combo Smoke, Heat and Freeze Detector
2GIG-SMKT3-345 - 2GIG Wireless Combo Smoke, Heat and Freeze Detector
Item# 2GIG-SMKT3-345

Please Note: The 2GIG-SMKT3-345 wireless smoke/heat/freeze detector has been discontinued and replaced by the 2GIG-SMKT8-345 model number.

2GIG-SMKT3-345 Product Description:

The 2GIG-SMKT3-345 is a wireless smoke/heat/freeze alarm intended for use with 2GIG security systems. The SMKT3-345 is powered by 3 x AAA batteries, eliminated the need to run power to the device. The alarm has a built?in wireless transmitter, which communicates with the 2GIG control panel. When smoke, excessive heat or cold is detected, the alarm sounds a loud local alarm and the built?in transmitter sends a signal to the 2GIG control panel. This alarm is designed to provide protection within a 35' foot radius of the unit. The 2GIG?SMTK3?345 can send alarm, tamper and battery condition messages to the control panel.

The 2GIG-SMKT3-345 wireless smoke/heat alarm contains a sounder that generates the ASHI s3.41 temporal 3 pattern in an alarm condition. In alarm, a message is also sent to the control panel and the alarm's zone type and name are displayed at the panel. During an alarm condition, pressing the alarm's hush button silences the sounder. Tricolored LED (red, yellow, green) and a sounder on the alarm provide local visual and audible indication of the alarm's status. After power?up has completed and the alarm is functioning normally, the green LED blinks every 12 seconds.

Alarm Trouble: When the alarm has a general fault, the yellow LED blinks once every four seconds and there is a chirp every 48 seconds. After 4 hours the 2GIG control panel displays a loss of supervision message.

Alarm Dirty Feature: When the alarm has been contaminated, the yellow LED blinks once every 8 seconds and there is a chirp every 48 seconds. After 4 hours the 2GIG control panel displays a loss mof supervision message.

Low Battery Detection: The wireless smoke/heat alarm is powered by 3 AAA batteries. The alarm regularly checks for a low battery. If a low battery is detected, the transmitter sends a low battery message to the 2GIG control panel, that displays the alarm's ID at low battery. In addition, the yellow LED of the alarm blinks every 12 seconds. The alarm's sounder chirps every 48 seconds (yellow LED continues to blink) until the batteries are replaced. Pressing the hush button silences the chirping for 12 hours if no other trouble conditions exist. Replace the batteries when the chirping begins. Replace the old batteries with new ones.

Product Features:

  • Smoke, heat, and freeze detection
  • Ability to separate the three detection features
  • Self-contained sounder
  • Supervised transmitter and status LED
  • Easy installation and programming
  • ETL Listed

2GIG-SMKT3-345 Product Specifications:

  • Transmitter Frequency: 345.00 MHz (crystal controlled)
  • Transmitter Frequency Tolerance: ±15 kHz
  • Transmitter Bandwidth: 24 kHz
  • Modulation Type: Amplitude Shift Keying?On/Off Keying (ASK?OOK)
  • Unique ID Codes: Over one (1) billion different code combinations
  • Supervisory Interval: 70 minutes
  • Dimensions: .5" x 2.5" in. high (125 mm x 63 mm high)
  • Weight (including batteries): 8.57 oz (243 g)
  • Color: White
  • Spacing Rating: 70 ft
  • Audible Signal (ANSI Temporal 3): 85dBA min. in alarm
  • Sensitivity: .5 ? 3.5%/foot
  • Max Current: 50mA
  • Alarm Current: 20mA
  • Supervisory Current: 25µa
  • Operating Temperature Limits: 40° ? 100°F (4.4° ? 37.8°C)
  • Relative Humidity: 15-90% Non-Condensing
  • Battery (included): 3 AAA Energizer E92 or equivalent
  • Regulatory Listing: UL 217
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Included Accessories: Mounting Hardware Package

2GIG-SMKT3-345 Product Includes:

  • (1) Wireless Smoke/Heat/Freeze Alarm
  • (1) Pack of screws and fixings
  • (3) AAA Energizer E92 batteries (1.5 V1100mAh) or equivalent
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