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▼ 2GIG GC2e Firmware Update Cable (UPCBL2) ▼

Please read the following information carefully before downloading your new firmware.

Update Cable for GC2e & TS1:

The Firmware Update Cable (2GIG-UPCBL2) along with the Firmware Update Tool (for PC) allows clients to update firmware in the GC2e panel and TS1 keypad without incurring Over-the-Air (OTA) update charges from Alarm.com.


  • Quickly and easily update the 2GIG GC2e Control Panel and TS1 keypad without incurring OTA update charges from Alarm.com
  • Connect to a PC directly to a 2GIG GC2e Control Panel and TS1 keypad using the Firmware Update Cable to update to the latest firmware

System Requirements:

  • PC running Windows XP or later (Mac OS not supported)
  • One available USB port (USB v1.1 or later)
  • A working knowledge of installing drivers and running applications on a Windows computer
  • The Firmware Update Tool (for PC) and instructions


This document describes how to update the firmware version on your Control Panel and your TS1 using a PC. To use the Firmware Update Tool, your Control Panel must have at least version 1.5 or newer:

Click Here for Instructions (PDF)

Release Notes:

This document details the new features and enhancements for the release of the 2GIG GC2e Panel Firmware Version 1.23.

Click Here for Release Notes (PDF)

Firmware Downloads (V1.23)

Includes: CP firmware update tool
Drivers for 2GIG-UPCBL2 (Version 1.23)
Firmware update for GC2e
Firmware update for TS1

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