WLS912L-433 - DSC Wireless Glassbreak Detector

WLS912L-433 - DSC Wireless Glassbreak Detector
WLS912L-433 - DSC Wireless Glassbreak Detector
Item# WLS912L-433

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Please Note: The DSC WLS912-433 wireless glassbreak detector has been discontinued and replaced by the WLS922L-433 model number.

DSC WLS912-433 Product Description:

The DSC WLS912-433 is a wireless glassbreak detector designed to detect the sound produced by the shattering of framed glass. It is an advanced acoustic glassbreak detector that uses Dynamic Signal Processing (DSP) to provide accurate detection of plate, laminated, wired (safety) and tempered glass types, while rejecting common false alarm sounds. The WLS912-433 has a built-in RF transmitter to establish a supervised, one-way communications link with a DSC wireless security system.

We recommend backing up your security system's perimeter protection with full interior protection. If an intruder breaks the glass of a window or door that is protected by a contact and comes through the open pane without opening the door or window, the contact will never be tripped. Interior protection acts as a second layer of protection to ensure that this type of entry will still trigger an alarm.

The WLS912-433 wireless glassbreak detector is an excellent choice for interior protection. The wireless door window contact will trigger an alarm if the door or window is opened, while the glassbreak detector will back up that protection and trigger an alarm if the door or window's glass is broken. Glassbreak detectors are better interior protection devices than motion detectors when protecting homes with large pets or when your DSC wireless security system's "stay mode" will frequently be used.

Product Features:

DSC WLS912-433 Product Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage: 3.0V (two 3V Lithium batteries)
  • Operating Temperature: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
  • Relative Humidity: 5 to 95% max. non condensing

DSC WLS912-433 Product Mounting:

Once you have found a location that is within range of the receiver, you can mount the WLS912L:
  • Remove the mounting plate from the detector
  • At the selected mounting location, place the mounting plate on the wall (with the tab facing down, or to the right), or on the ceiling. Mark the screw locations. Wall anchors should be used for all screw locations.
  • Secure the backplate to the wall.
  • Slide the detector onto its backplate.
  • Repeat the installation test using the AFT-100 tester to confirm proper operation.

DSC WLS912-433 Product Compatibility:

  • PowerSeries RFK5500 - 64-Zone LCD Full-Message Keypad with Built-in Wireless Receiver
  • PowerSeries RFK5501 - 64-Zone LCD Picture ICON Keypad with Built-in Wireless Receiver
  • PowerSeries RFK5516 - 16-Zone LED Keypad with Built-in Wireless Receiver
  • PowerSeries RFK5508 - 8-Zone LED Keypad with Built-in Wireless Receiver
  • PowerSeries PC5132 - Wireless Receiver - 433MHz
  • RF5108 - 8-Zone Wireless Receiver - 433MHz
  • RF5132 - 32-Zone Wireless Receiver - 433MHz
  • MAXSYS PC4164 - Wireless Receiver - 433MHz
  • Envoy NT9005 - Self Contained Wireless Security System
  • Envoy NT9010 - Self Contained Wireless Security System
  • PowerSeries 9045 - Self Contained Wireless Security System
  • PowerSeries 9047 - Self Contained Wireless Security System
  • Alexor PC9155 - 2-Way Wireless Alarm Control Panel
  • Impassa SCW9057 - 2-Way Wireless Alarm Control Panel
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