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IMV601 - Videofied Wireless Indoor MotionViewer Camera
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OMV601MB - Videofied Wireless Outdoor MotionViewer Camera
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OMV-VX601 - Videofied Wireless Outdoor Dual MotionViewer Camera
List Price: $879.36
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What is a Videofied MotionViewer?

Videofied's MotionViewer
for Video Verification Property Monitoring

Videofied MotionViewer security cameras are wireless cameras equipped with motion sensors and infrared illuminators that allow for detection and recording of motion events. The cameras are designed as part of a larger security system and wirelessly communicate with a central control panel. When a motion event is detected, the camera is triggered, and the central control panel is notified. This allows for a swift response to potential security breaches or threats. MotionViewer cameras are commonly used for home and business security systems.

Some applications for the Videofied MotionViewer cameras include:

1. Home Security: The MotionViewer can be used in homes to monitor entryways, patios, and other locations where there is a potential for intruders.

2. Business Security: The MotionViewer is useful for businesses to monitor warehouses, parking lots, and other outdoor areas where unauthorized access can occur.

3. Construction Site Security: The MotionViewer can be used on construction sites to monitor for theft, vandalism, and other security risks.

4. Event Security: The MotionViewer can be used at outdoor events to monitor the crowd and provide increased security.

5. Parking Lot Security: The MotionViewer can be used in parking lots to monitor for suspicious activity or unauthorized access.