AA33 - Videofied AA Battery Eliminator

AA33 - AA Battery Eliminator
AA33 - AA Battery Eliminator
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Videofied AA33 Product Description:

The Videofied AA33 Battery Eliminator is an alternative power option that replaces all batteries for the Videofied; Indoor MotionViewer (IMV601), Outdoor MotionViewer (OMV601MB), vertical alpha keypad (XMA621), horizontal alpha keypad (WMB621), prox tag arming station (BR651), indoor universal transmitter (IUT601), and indoor motion detector (IMD601).

Product Details:

  • Swap out an existing, wired PIR motion sensor with an Indoor MotionViewer and power it with the existing 12V power supply
  • Will be useful for high intensity/activity applications where MotionViewers would be constantly tripping and sending video alarms (thus running down battery life quickly)
  • Save on battery costs
  • Will also work in other Videofied peripheral devices

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