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Qolsys IQ Wireless PIR Motion Detector (QS-1200-840)
Qolsys IQ Wireless PIR Motion Detector (QS-1200-840)
Item# QS-1200-840
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Qolsys QS-1200-840 Motion Detector:

The Qolsys IQ Motion Detector QS-1116-840 is a high-performance wireless motion sensor that uses advanced power circuit technology to extend battery life. The tamper-resistant casing along with an electronic sensor discourages physical tampering and the sensor is equipped with a pet immunity feature that prevents accidental triggers by household pets (up to 40 lbs.). The IQ Motion is designed to be your last line of defense. If an intruder manages to get past your other sensors, he cannot escape the motion sensor. Typically, installed pointing AWAY from windows (to reduce false alarms) the IQ Motion has a range up to 35 feet. The IQ Motion can be installed two different ways; to cover an entire room from floor to ceiling or in a "pet sensitive" position, allowing animals under 40 lbs. to pass under the beams without triggering the alarm. The IQ Motion cannot see through walls or doors. Please note, pets must not be allowed to jump on tables or furniture within the detection area. The IQ Motion works seamlessly with the Qolsys IQ Panel.

Product Features:

  • Advanced circuit technology resulting in ultra-low power consumption
  • Tamper detection/reporting
  • Rigid wall mounting for discreet placement
  • Pet immunity (up to 40 lbs.)
  • Effective up to 35'
  • Easy to install batteries
  • Sensor Motion detection
  • Transmits 2 signals per 5 minute period
  • Supervisory health messaging

Qolsys QS-1200-840 Product Specifications:

  • Sensor: 3.4H x 2.4W x 1.5D in. (7.7 x 6.0 x 4.3 cm)
  • Number of sensing elements - 2
  • Spectral Response - 5um - 14um
  • Sensor Responsivity (500K, 1Hz) - 3.6mVp-p
  • Wireless Signal Range - 600ft (200M), open air
  • Code ouputs - paring, tamper, tamper restore, alarm detect motion, alarm restore, supervisory, low battery
  • Transmitter frequency - 319.5MHZ
  • Transmitter bandwidth - 24KHZ
  • Batteries - (2) AAA Alkaline
  • Modulation type - ASK-OOK
  • Operating Temperature : -10°C - 50°C
  • Relative Humidity : 5 - 85&per;
  • Storage Temperature : -40°C - 80°C
  • RF output power 91.1dBuV +/- 5&per; at 3m
  • Maximum Horizontal Sensing Angle 80°
  • Sensor Range : 30 ft (9.1m) x 50 ft (15.2m)

Q & A's : QS-1200-840 Qolsys IQ Wireless Motion Detector

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