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L3-5300 - Uplink Wireless WiFi Adapter (for 5200 Internet Alarm Communicator)
L3-5300 - Uplink Wireless WiFi Adapter (for 5200 Internet Alarm Communicator)
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Add Uplink 5200 Broadband Module?: 

Uplink 5300 WiFi Adapter Module:

The Uplink 5200 Broadband communicator expands the capability of a Contact ID dial-up alarm system be enabling it to transmit signals over the internet. It is a cost-effective solution where there is broadband internet service. The 5200 can be used for retrofits on existing alarm systems, takeovers and new installations.
The 5200 converts the dialer output of an alarm system to an IP signal that can be transmitted securely over the internet to an Uplink server. A connection is then made to the central station to deliver the alarm signal. The 5200 supports two-way voice sessions as well as remote programming for most systems.
Installation is fast and easy. Using the provided cables, the 5200 communicator is hardwired between alarm dialer and internet service.
*Use the Model 5300 Wi-Fi adapter for installations where a wireless connection to the Internet router is desired.

Product Features:

  • Easy to install; uses transformer (provided) or other 12V source.
  • The 5200 communicator is hardwired between alarm dialer and internet service.
  • Includes RJ11 dialer cable and CAT5 eithernet cable.
  • Most installations use default settings.
  • Uses phone number and account number from dealer website for easier takeovers.
  • Primary Full alarm/event reporting over the Internet.
  • Supports systems using Contact ID. Works with GeoArm central station.
  • Easy to Upload/download for remote programming.
  • Central station notifications for loss of internet connection.
  • No panel reprogramming is necessary.

Uplink a Trusted Parnter:

The Uplink 5200 and 5300 is a member of the Uplink family of wireless alarm communicators. Our products deliver the unique combination of reliable technology and superior value that has made Uplink the security industry’s most trusted source for alarm communicators since 1996. GSM or CDMA protocols, primary or back-up applications, summary or full data reporting; there is an Uplink wireless alarm communicator for virtually any security system on the market today. With hundreds of thousands of installed communicators throughout the United States and Canada, Uplink delivers on its promise as the security dealer’s trusted partner. Plus, Uplink wireless communicators are backed by the unique combination of the proprietary ISO-27001 certified network service offering and a dealer web management tool.

Uplink 5300 Product Specifications:

Product Height: 4.0"
Product Width: 1.75"
Product Depth: 0.7"
Internet: WiFi to premises router

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