GSMVLP - Honeywell AlarmNet LYNX Plus Wireless 3G Cellular Alarm Communicator

GSMVLP - Honeywell AlarmNet Wireless Cellular 3G Alarm Communicator (for LYNX Plus L3000)

Honeywell GSMVLP Product Description:

The Honeywell GSMVLP cellular GSM alarm communicator has been discontinued and replaced by the GSMVLP-4G model.

The GSMVLP is an optional communication module intended for use with Lynx Plus Series/ReadyGuard Plus Series controls, and provides wireless communication with the AlarmNet network for delivery of alarm and other messages to the GEOARM monitoring central station. It also supports voice communications between the control panel and the GEOARM central station. The GSMVLP Cellular Communicator fits into the Lynx Plus Series/ReadyGuard Plus Series controls, and transmits signals to the AlarmNet-G network (GSM cellular network, which uses GPRS to complete these transmissions) and forwards them the GEOARM central station. If the GPRS network is unavailable, the GSML will attempt to send the transmission via SMS (Short Message Service).

The Honeywell GSMVLP cellular GSM alarm communicator fits right inside the LYNX Plus wireless alarm control panel, providing an easy streamlined installation for those customers looking to have their security system monitored over the cellular Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network instead of a traditional phone line. GSM is the dominant mobile phone system worldwide and has two different paths within one network. General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is the primary path and the first method of cellular alarm delivery for the GSMVLP cellular alarm communicator. Short Messaging Service (SMS) is the secondary path and is used by the AlarmNet GSMVLP wireless alarm communicator as a backup alarm monitoring path in the event that the GPRS path fails. The two cellular alarm monitoring paths operate independently within the overall cellular GSM network, and by using both, the GSMVLP cellular alarm communicator is the most reliable/secure alarm communicator.

Once the AlarmNet GSMVLP cellular alarm communicator is installed, the LYNX Plus wireless security system will deliver all alarm signals through the GSMVLP wireless alarm communicator to Honeywell's AlarmNet Network Control Center, which automatically and immediately routes the information to GeoArm's central alarm monitoring station. The state of the art AlarmNet Network Control Center is fully redundant and monitored 24/7. AlarmNet has the ability to route messages using AlarmNet-i and 800 PLUS services, providing true redundancy and multi-path message delivery.

Remote Service Calls Using the AlarmNet GSMVLP Wireless Alarm Communicator:
GEOARM is able to dial into your alarm control panel’s programming to perform remote service on your home security system once you have installed the AlarmNet GSMVLP wireless cellular alarm communicator. GeoArm technicians can make advanced technical programming changes in minutes through your AlarmNet cellular alarm communicator. Never pay for an expensive on-site service call again.

AlarmNet Interactive Alarm Monitoring (Total Connect):
The GSMVLP cellular alarm communicator not only gives you the flexibility to eliminate your phone line, it also provides you with the ability to get more out of your wireless security system. With each of the AlarmNet communicators (IP, Cellular, and IP/Cellular), you have the option to add GeoArm’s interactive alarm monitoring service (Honeywell’s Total Connect service) to your current alarm monitoring plan.

With AlarmNet interactive alarm monitoring you will be provided with a web based log-in that will allow you to:
  • Control your LYNX Plus security system with a virtual keypad
  • Arm/disarm your LYNX Plus security system with a text message
  • Set up email notifications for up to (8) LYNX Plus security system events
  • Log onto your interactive AlarmNet Total Connect account through a compatible PDA or cell phone
  • Full Event Reporting – ECP full alarm reporting with all compatible Honeywell LYNX Plus alarm control panels
  • Full Contact ID Reporting – ECP mode with Honeywell LYNX Plus alarm control panels supports full Contact ID reporting
  • 256-bit AES Encryption – Advanced Encryption Standard used for secure communications
  • Diagnostic LEDs – Provides signal strength and status indications
  • No Power Supply Needed – Fully powered (primary and backup battery) from the LYNX Plus alarm control panel
  • Integration – Quick and easy installation of the GSM module directly into the LYNX Plus alarm control panel
  • Remote Downloading/Uploading – Remote GEOARM service capability through AlarmNet communicator
  • Remote Alarm Services Capability – Requires interactive monitoring plan (Total Connect)
  • Integrated quad band antenna – Eliminates the coaxial cable connections for a high reliability RF interface
  • Backed by Honeywell's 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Reports fire, burglary and status messages via CDMA
  • Internal antenna provides additional security
  • Simple programming using the 7720P programming tool or via the AlarmNet Direct website
  • Uses two-way ECP communication with the VISTA control panel
  • Sends reports in Contact ID format
  • Supports remote control of alarm system via Honeywell Total Connect™ Remote Services
  • Allows uploading and downloading of control panel data via GSM
  • Fully powered from the VISTA control panel and utilizes its battery as backup
  • Total Connect 2.0 compatible

Honeywell GSMVLP Compatible:

• 7626-12
• 7626-5
• 7626-50
• 7720P
• K14207LF
• L3000-SP
• L3000
• L3000-CN
• L3000-FR
• L3000-SIA
• WA7626-CA

Q & A's : Honeywell GSMVLP Cellular Alarm Communicator

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