600-1020 - GE Interlogix FTP 1000 Hardwired Fixed-English Alarm Keypad

600-1020 - GE Interlogix FTP 1000 Hardwired Fixed-English Alarm Keypad
600-1020 - GE Interlogix FTP 1000 Hardwired Fixed-English Alarm Keypad
Item# 600-1020

Please Note: The Interlogix 600-1020 FTP 1000 fixed-english alarm keypad has been discontinued without replacement.

GE Interlogix 600-1020 Product Description:

The GE Interlogix 600-1020 GE FTP 1000 is a fixed-english alarm touchpad that allows full control of the Concord Express, Concord 3, Concord Ultra and Concord 4 security systems. The large fixed-English keypad display provides easy-to-read messages that indicate the current status of the security system.

The 600-1020 alarm touchpad includes easy one-touch police, fire and auxiliary panic buttons that can be activated at any time. A built-in speaker provides alarm, status and button-press sounds. Behind the flip-down door reveals a label which contains basic system operating commands. You can also remove the flip-door by simply opening it past its stop point and popping it out. The flip-down door can then be reattached later if desired.

Emergency keys are highlighted on the alarm keypad for safety and ease of use. All keys on the FTP 1000 alarm keypad are backlit to insure error-free operation, even in a dark room.

The FTP 1000 offers another choice in fixed-English alarm touchpad for the Concord family at a lower price than programmable LCD alarm keypads.

Product Features:

  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Improved backlighting of display and keys for better visability
  • Standalone panic keys
  • Standalone arming keys
  • Traditional design to blend with any decor
  • Easy to install
Q & A's :

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