2GIG-ANT3X External Attic-Mount Antenna for Cellular CDMA Alarm Communicator

2GIG-ANT3X - External Attic-Mount CDMA Antenna
2GIG-ANT3X - External Attic-Mount CDMA Antenna
Item# 2GIG-ANT3X
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2GIG-ANT3X Product Description:

The 2GIG-ANT3X is an external in-wall cellular antenna that works with the 2GIG GC2 panel. The antenna installs in the GC2 control panel or in the wall behind the control panel. Adding the ANT2X is a great option for anyone looking to improve the reliability of their GSM signal.

Product Features:

  • Antenna installs in control panel or in wall behind panel
  • 10-inch cable
  • Plugs into the cell radio module
  • Locking connector

Q & A's : 2GIG ANT3X External Attic-Mount Antenna

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