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1361X10 - Honeywell Plug-In X-10 Power Transformer (for Vista Panels)

1361X10 - Honeywell 16.5VAC @ 40VA Power Supply Transformer (for VISTA Control Panels)
Please Note: The Honeywell X-10 plug-in transformer has been discontinued without replacement.
1361X10 Honeywell X-10 Plug-In Transformer Product Description:
The Honeywell 1361X10 plug-in transformer provides the most powerful yet simple solution for controlling lights and appliances through X-10 compatible AC line carrier. The 1361X10 transformer provides both 16.5VAC power to the panel and direct signaling capability to the existing AC wires.

1361X10 Honeywell X-10 Plug-In Transformer Compatibility:
Vista-15, Vista-15P, Vista-15PSIA, Vista-20SE, Vista-20P, Vista-20PSIA, Vista-21iP, Vista-21iPSIA, Vista-40, Vista-50, Vista-50P, Vista-128B, Vista-128BP, Vista-128BPE, Vista-128SIA, Vista-250BP, Vista-250BPE

1361X10 Honeywell X-10 Plug-In Transformer PDFs for Additional Information:
Installation Guide for Honeywell Plug-In Transformer (1361X10)

Q & A's : 1361X10 Honeywell Plug-In X-10 Transformer (16.5VAC @ 40VA)

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