TL260 - DSC PowerSeries Broadband Internet Alarm Communicator

TL260 - DSC PowerSeries Broadband Internet Alarm Communicator
TL260 - DSC PowerSeries Broadband Internet Alarm Communicator
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TL260 DSC PowerSeries Internet Alarm Communicator Product Description:
GeoArm and DSC are pleased to announce the TL260 Internet/Intranet Alarm Communicator which brings low cost but high value to alarm signal delivery. We recognize that the use of traditional phone lines is increasingly becoming less common in many homes and businesses. As more people opt for VoIP (Voice over IP) or cell phone usage, it is essential to provide alternate methods of alarm communication. DSC's TL260 Internet/Intranet Communicator conveniently utilizes your existing Internet connection to ensure high speed and reliable alarm communications. When connected to your DSC PowerSeries PC1864/1832/1616 alarm control panel, you have the option to combine alarm reporting paths through Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or Internet/Intranet stream. The TL260 can be the primary alarm communication path for your DSC PowerSeries security system or it can be a back-up path to regular phone line alarm monitoring service.

The TL260 conveniently utilizes your existing Internet/Intranet connection and eliminated the need for dedicated phone lines and reduces the chance of phone line interruption. If you have been paying for phone service just so you could have your security system monitored, GeoArm can free you from that expensive monthly phone bill without having to drastically increase your alarm monitoring charge. Through the Internet/Intranet connection, the TL260 offers full data reporting and remote management for installers, saving time and reducing costs.

With 128-bit AES encryption of the alarm signal on the IP stream, you can be assured that alarm communications are completely secure. With programmable supervision heartbeats, the TL260 internet communicator has full supervision to ensure alarm communications.

The TL260 connects to the PC-Link connector on your DSC PowerSeries security system and is easily mounted within the same cabinet, providing the Internet/Intranet connection that sends predefined SIA format codes to GeoArm's central monitoring station. For a retrofit installation, simply install this communicator to an already existing security system and your service is instantly upgraded to internet alarm communications.

Monthly Savings:
With the widespread use of cell phones these days, most people only use their land line for their alarm communication. If you are one of these people, eliminate that phone line and use the money saved to invest in a DSC TL260 internet alarm communicator. Over the life of your security system this will actually save you money!

Compatible DSC Alarm Control Panels:

TL260 DSC PowerSeries Internet Alarm Communicator Free Custom Programming:
Custom security system programming for the TL260 internet alarm communicator is FREE for all GeoArm monitored clients.

TL260 DSC PowerSeries Internet Alarm Communicator Features:
  • Fully redundant Internet/Intranet alarm communication
  • Integrated call routing
  • Panel remote uploading/downloading support
  • Supervision heartbeats via Internet/Intranet
  • 128-bit AES encryption via Internet/Intranet
  • Full event reporting
  • SIA format
  • PC-Link connection
  • Approvals: UL, ULC, CE
  • Backed by DSC's 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty

TL260 DSC PowerSeries Internet Alarm Communicator

Dimensions (L x W x D) 102 x 150 x 18 (mm) or 3.937 x 5.875 x 0.625 (in)
Weight 0.672lb. (305g with mounting bracket)
Input Voltage 10 - 13.8V (from the panel Bell output)
Current Draw 100mA at 12V (400mA during the GSM transmission)
Operating Environment 32° to 120°F (0° to 49°C)

TL260 DSC PowerSeries Internet Alarm Communicator PDFs for Additional Information:
Data Sheet for DSC's PowerSeries Internet Alarm Communicator (TL260)
Installation Guide for DSC's PowerSeries Internet Alarm Communicator (TL260)

DSC IP Security Systems are designed to work plug-and-play with a Broadband IP Connection.
For Advanced Router Configurations, you may need to Contact your Network Administrator.

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