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What is Non-Interactive Alarm Monitoring?

Non-interactive alarm monitoring involves transmitting an alarm signal from a security system, via the alarm panel acting as the brains, to the GeoArm central station for professional emergency dispatch. But, with this service the end user does not have the ability to remotely interact or communicate directly with the system using their smartphone or other device.

Interactive monitoring typically receives alarm system signals through the internet, wifi, cellular or dual-path connection, and alerts the central station and the property owner that there is a security breach, fire, or other emergency detected by the system. Interactive customers also receive customizable text and email notifications to any number of recipients. Additional interactive services may include real-time notifications on all alarm system events such as; arming/disarming, panel failures, low battery, troubles, sensor activity (e.g. sensor left open), severe weather alerts and unexpected activity. Most interactive platforms can also integrate smart home automation and video surveillance cameras on a single app.

Non-interactive monitoring is less expensive than interactive monitoring, as the latter prices in the added benefits of remote control using an interactive app between the end-user and their security system. Overall, the goal of alarm monitoring is keep the property and its occupants safe, while minimizing false alarms and unnecessary emergency responses.

General Steps for Alarm Monitoring:

Step 1.

A security sensor is triggered and is transmitted from the user's control panel to the GeoArm 24/7 central monitoring station.

Step 2.

The GeoArm operator then goes through the documented call list and calls the user to verify if the alarm requires emergency response.

Step 3.

If alarm signal is either confirmed valid, or if the end user is unreachable when the operator attempts to contact them, then dispatching procedures will occur (police, fire and/or medical authorities).

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