KF641 - Videofied Wireless 4-Button Remote Alarm Keyfob

KF641 - Videofied Wireless 4-Button Remote Alarm Keyfob
KF641 - Videofied Wireless 4-Button Remote Alarm Keyfob
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Please Note: The Videofied KF641 wireless 4-button remote keyfob is a back-ordered item.

Videofied KF641 Product Description:

The Videofied KF641 is a 4-button, battery operated, remote keyfob designed for basic operation of any Videofied® control panel. The KF641 has four buttons that allow the activation or deactivation of several arming profiles (full arming and 2 special arming profiles). The arming is confirmed by a red double flash from the built-in LED. Disarming is confirmed by a green double flash. A long press on button 1 or button 2 generates a siren or silent (under duress) panic alarm.

The KF641 keyfob uses S2View® Spread Spectrum, Videofied®, interactive, encrypted wireless circuitry for secure two-way communication with the control panel. Operating the system with the keyfob can normally be done from within or outside the premises and requires no access code entries. One press on the button will launch the system full arming. One press on the button will disarm the system completely. One press on the button 1 or 2 will arm specifing areas (device groups) according to the special arming configuration. A long press on button 1 will generate a panic alarm with siren, a long press on button 2 will generate a silent panic alarm (under duress).

The keyfob is powered by one CR3032 3V Lithium battery that will last 5 years. The keypad transmits the battery status with each activation.

Product Features:

  • Compact, easy to use
  • S2View® - Spread Spectrum, Videofied, Interactive AES Encrypted Wireless technology provides optimum signal integrity and security
  • Operate system from within or outside premises
  • Arming/Disarming - full arming; disarming the system; buttons 1 and 2 will arm specific areas as determined by system configuration/programming
  • Arming is confirmed by a red double flash from the LED. Disarming is confirmed by a green double flash
  • Panic alarms are generated by a long press on button 1 or 2. Button 1: panic with siren. Button 2: silent panic.
  • Lithium battery status transmitted at every keyfob activation
  • CR3032 Lithium battery : 5 years

Videofied KF641 Product Specifications:

Physical Properties

  • Dimensions: 70 mm x 40 mm x 10 mm
  • Material: Plastic : ABS
  • Weight: 40 g
  • Operating Temperature: -0° to +40°C (-32° to +104°F)
  • Max Relative Humidity: 70% without condensing

Electrical Properties

  • Panel Compatibility: All Videofied Panels
  • Power requirements: Type C
  • Battery type: 1x Lithium, CR3032
  • Nominal Voltage: 3 V
  • Battery life: 5 years
  • RF technology: S2View®
  • Radio Type: Spread Spectrum Bidirectiona
  • Operating frequency: 868MHz - KF240 (Europe, Africa, Asia) | 915MHz - FHSS - KF641 (USA, Canada, South Amercia) | 920MHz - FHSS - KF742 (Australia, South America)
  • Transmission security: AES encryption algorithm
  • Antenna: Integrated
  • Maximum keyfobs registered: 22
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