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WT4989 - DSC Remote 2-Way Alarm Keyfob (for Alexor Control Panel)

WT4989 - DSC Remote 2-Way Alarm Keyfob (for Alexor Control Panel)
WT4989 - DSC Remote 2-Way Alarm Keyfob (for Alexor Control Panel)
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Please Note: The DSC WT4989 wireless 2-way alarm keyfob has been marked a special order item.
WT4989 DSC Alexor Wireless Alarm Keyfob Product Description:
The key to a better security system is the WT4989 2-way wireless keyfob from DSC. Designed to work with the Alexor wireless alarm control panel, the WT4989 offers great added value to any DSC wireless security system installation.

The WT4989 provides users with management of their Alexor wireless security system and the added confidence of portable personal protection - directly at their fingertips. Users can arm/disarm the system easily as they approach their house or call for help from anywhere inside or in close proximity to it (via the panic button. Because the WT4989 employs 2-way wireless technology, the Alexor wireless security system communicates to the keyfob and vice-versa. Featuring an icon display and built-in buzzer, the WT4989 provides both visual and audible indication to the homeowner that the operation they requested has been performed and acknowledged. System status indicators on the key alert the homeowner if the residence is in alarm or it if has recently been in alarm, before they enter the home.

The WT4989 has five buttons, the system status button, plus four additional programmable buttons with six available function options. Programming for certain functions can include garage door openers, indoor/outdoor light operation or powered gate access. A multifunction clip allows the wireless key to be clipped to an easily accessible location like a belt, keychain or lanyard.

WT4989 DSC Alexor Wireless Alarm Keyfob Free Custom Programming:
Custom security system programming is FREE for all GeoArm monitored clients.

GeoArm Recommendation:
If you own a DSC Alexor wireless security system, this is the most advanced keyfob available. The icon display gives you a clear picture of your security systemís current and recent status. We recommend every frequent user of an Alexor wireless security system have a WT4989 keyfob.

WT4989 DSC Alexor Wireless Alarm Keyfob Compatibility:
Alexor PC9155 - 2-Way Wireless Alarm Control Panel

WT4989 DSC Alexor Wireless Alarm Keyfob Features:
  • Backlit icon display
  • Built-in buzzer for audible feedback
  • (4) one touch function keys, programmable for up to 6 functions
  • (2) double touch function keys
  • Status button indication
  • Keylock
  • Active alarm indication
  • 3-second delay on panic button
  • Multifunction clip (included)
  • Water resistant
  • Backed by DSC's 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty

WT4989 DSC Alexor Wireless Alarm Keyfob

Dimensions (L x W x D) 75 x 40 x 16 (mm) or 3.0 x 1.6 x 0.6 (in)
Weight 1.45oz (41g)
Battery (2) CR2032, 3V Coin Cell Lithium (included)
Battery Life 3 years (normal use)
Wireless Range 492ft (150m) Nominal Open Air
Operating Environment 14° to 122°F (-10° to 50°C)

WT4989 DSC Alexor Wireless Alarm Keyfob PDFs for Additional Information:
Data Sheet for DSC's Alexor Wireless Alarm Keyfob (WT4989)
Q & A's : DSC WT4989 Wireless 2-Way Remote Alarm Keyfob

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