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BR651 - Videofied Wireless Outdoor Badge Reader

BR651 - Videofied Wireless Outdoor Badge Reader
BR651 - Videofied Wireless Outdoor Badge Reader
Item# BR651
List Price: $155.23
Your Price: $103.49

GeoArm has discontinued the BR651 Videofied Wireless Outdoor Badge Reader. However, we are still offering Videofied video verification alarm monitoring services for an existing Videofied security system. Stay tuned for a less expensive alternative.

BR651 Videofied Wireless Badge Reader

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BR651 Videofied Wireless Badge Reader Free Programming BR651 Videofied Wireless Badge Reader Free Technical Support BR651 Videofied Wireless Badge Reader Free Shipping
BR651 Videofied Wireless Badge Reader Product Description:
The BR651 is a battery operated, wireless badge reader designed for arming and disarming operation of Videofied wireless security systems. The reader has two LEDs for status information, a built in sounder, S²View Spead Spectrum, interactive, encrypted wireless circuitry for secure two-way communication with the control panel, and is multi badge programmable.

The badge reader is typically installed near entry/exit doors to allow system users enough time to arm and exit the premises, and to enter and disarm the system before time delays expire. When the system is armed, the built in sounder emits short beeps and one red and one green LED flash to identify arming. Upon entering the armed premises and swiping a porgrammed badge, the built in sounder emits short beeps and two green LED flashes to identify disarming. A dual tamper function provides detection for both badge reader cover and wall tamper.

Each BR651 comes with (1) badge reader prox tag for arming/disarming. You can puchase additional badge reader prox tags in a 10-pack.

The badge reader is powered by (3) AA cell 3.6V lithium battery, which are included with this item. The battery typically lasts for 10,000 activations. The BR651 comes backed by RSI Video Technologies' 2 year limited warranty.

BR651 Videofied Wireless Badge Reader Free Custom Programming:
Custom security system programming is FREE for all GeoArm monitored clients.

BR651 Videofied Wirelesss Badge Reader

Physical Data
Material Polycarbonate UL94
Dimensions (L x W x D) 140 x 90 x 38 (mm) or 5.5” x 3.5” x 1.5” (in)
Weight 136g/4.8oz (without batteries)
Electrical Data
Power Requirements (3) 3.6V Batteries
Battery Type Lithium, LS14500
Battery Life Up to 4 Years
RF Technology S²View®
Radio Type Spread Spectrum Bidirectional RF
Operating Frequency 868/915/920 MHz
Transmission Security AES Algorithm Encryption
Supervision Polled Signal Every 8 Minutes
Antenna Integrated
Tamper Detection Wall and Cover Tampered
Display Lighting Automatic/ 2LED
Built-In Sounder Emits Arm and Disarm Beeps
Operating Temperature -30º/+60ºC (-20º/140ºF)
Maximum Relative Humidity 95%, Non-Condensing
Approvals FCC (BR651)
Unit/Base (2) screws secures the Badge Reader to the Base;
(3) screws secure base to flat mounting surface

BR651 Videofied Wireless Alarm Keyfob PDFs for Additional Information:
Specification Sheet for Videofied Wireless Badge Reader (BR651)
Installation Guide for Videofied Wireless 4-Button Keyfob (BR651)
Description of Videofied's Advanced Wireless RF Technology

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