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VT100-10 - Videofied Wireless Prox Tags (10-Pack)

VT100-10 - Videofied Wireless Proximity Tags (10 Pack)
VT100-10 - Videofied Wireless Proximity Tags (10 Pack)
Item# VT100-10
List Price: $70.71
Your Price: $47.14

Videofied VT100-10 Product Description:

The Videofied VT100-10 is a 10-pack of prox tags for Videofied security products. The VT100 proximity tags are small, rugged and easy to use. The user simply places the VT100 prox tag over the reader area of a WMB621 keypad or BR651 Prox Tag Arming Station to arm/disarm the system. They can be placed on a keychain for easy access, and given up to 19 users.

Product Details:

  • Very simple solution for arming and disarming a Videofied security system
  • No batteries and will last for years
  • Compatible with the WMB621 Horizontal Alpha Keypad and the BR651 Prox Tag Arming Station; will also work with other third party proximity readers
  • Each control panel (or s single Videofied system) can include up to 19 user codes or badges


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