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LS14500 - Videofied AA Cell Lithium Peripheral Alarm Battery

LS14500 - AA Cell Lithium Peripheral Battery
LS14500 - AA Cell Lithium Peripheral Battery
Item# LS14500700060
List Price: $38.81
Your Price: $25.88

Saft LS14500 Product Description:

The Saft LS14500 is AA-Cell, Lithium battery designed for Videofied security sensors and detectors. The LS14500 battery is compatible with the following Videofied products; Vertical Keypad (XMA621), Horizontal Keypad (WMB621), Prox Tag Reader (BR651), Indoor MotionViewer™ (IMV601), Outdoor MotionViewer™ (DCV651), Universal Transmitter (IUT601) and Motion Detector (IMD601).

Product Features:

  • Saft AA-Cell, Lithium Battery
  • Compatible with Vertical Keypad (XMA621)
  • Compatible with Horizontal Keypad (WMB621)
  • Compatible with Prox Tag Reader (BR651)
  • Compatible with Indoor MotionViewer™ (IMV601)
  • Compatible with Outdoor MotionViewer™ (DCV651)
  • Compatible with Universal Transmitter (IUT601)
  • Compatible with Motion Detector (IMD601)

Q & A's : Saft LS14500 Lithium AA Cell Peripheral Battery

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