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IpDatatel IPD-UISG-REV-B Universal Broadband Internet Alarm Communicator by GEOARM®.

IPD-UISG-REV-B - IpDatatel Most-Universal IP Internet Alarm Transceiver
IPD-UISG-REV-B - IpDatatel Most-Universal IP Internet Alarm Transceiver
Item# IPD-UGW10110
This item is currently out of stock.

The IPD-UISG-REV-B transmits alarm signals from the alarm control panel over the broadband internet network to GeoArm's nationwide central alarm monitoring station. It is a universal gateway capture device capable of collecting Contact ID from a digital dialer ring/tip output and retransmitting the alarm signal over Internet Protocol (IP) path. The IPD-UISG-REV-B can also provide basic arm/disarm capabilities by interfacing with a legacy control panel via a wired zone that is configured as a keyswitch in conjunction with at least one programmable output indicating arm/disarm state to the universal gateway.

  • Gateway, Alarm Interface, Power Adapter, Plastic Cases
  • Adds internet communications to control panels

Honeywell IP Communicators are designed to work plug-and-play with a Broadband IP Connection.
For Advanced Router Configurations, you may need to Contact your Network Administrator.

Q & A's : ipDatatel IPD-UISG-REV-B Alarm Communicator

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