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IpDatatel IPD-BATV4 Universal Broadband Internet Alarm Communicator - GEOARM Security®

IPD-BATV4 - IpDatatel Universal Broadband Internet Alarm Transceiver
IPD-BATV4 - IpDatatel Universal Broadband Internet Alarm Transceiver
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The IPD-BATV4 transmits alarm signals from the alarm control panel over the broadband internet network to GeoArm's nationwide central alarm monitoring station. You will need to use an ethernet cable plugged into the IPD-BATV4 near the control panel and run that wired connection back to the router (wherever the router is in the property). If you would like to make this bridge in a wireless nature you should look at purchasing the IPD-KIT10101.

DSC: PowerSeries PC1616 (Version 4.13 and above REV 03 Hardware), PowerSeries PC1832 (Version 4.13 and above REV 03 Hardware), PowerSeries PC1864 (Version 4.13 and above REV 03 Hardware)
GE: Networx NX-4 (Version 2), Networx NX-6 (Version 2), Networx NX-8 (Version 2)
Honeywell: Vista 10P, Vista 10PSIA (Revision 4.0), Vista 15P, Vista 20P, Vista 20PS, Vista 20PCN, Vista 128BP, Vista 128FB, Vista 128FBP, Vista 250BP, Vista 250FBP
First Alert: FA130, FA148, FA168

  • Wired Internet Alarm Communicator
  • Adds internet communications to control panels

Honeywell IP Communicators are designed to work plug-and-play with a Broadband IP Connection.
For Advanced Router Configurations, you may need to Contact your Network Administrator.

Q & A's : ipDatatel IPD-BAT Internet Alarm Communicator

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