Honeywell Wireless Security Systems - GEOARM Security®

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Honeywell Wireless Security Systems

Lynx Plus L3000
(Total Connect 1.0)

Lynx Touch L5210
(Total Connect 2.0)

Lynx Touch L7000
(Total Connect 2.0)
Number of Wireless Zones? 40 64 80
Number of User Codes? 8 32 48
Digital Graphic Touch Screen?
Flexible Communication Paths?
Burglary Monitoring?
Medical/Panic Monitoring?
Fire/Smoke Monitoring?
Residential & Commercial Monitoring?
Environmental Monitoring:
(Carbon Monoxide, Flood, Freeze)
Total Connect Software Version: 1.0 2.0 2.0
Z-Wave Home Automation?
X-10 Home Automation?
Remote Arming/Disarming?
Text/Email Alarm Notifications?
Smartphone App Alarm Control?
Live Video Surveillance?
Motion-Based Recordings?
Text/Email Video Clips?
Smartphone App Video Control?

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