60-660-01-95R - GE Quik Bridge Supervised 8-Channel Wireless Receiver

60-660-01-95R - GE Quik Bridge 8-Channel Wireless Alarm Receiver
60-660-01-95R - GE Quik Bridge 8-Channel Wireless Alarm Receiver
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60-660-01-95R GE Quick-Bridge 8-Channel Wireless Alarm Receiver Product Description:
The 60-660-01-95R Quik-Bridge 8-channel wireless alarm receiver allows you to use up to (16) GE learn mode (319.5 MHz) wireless sensors (2 per zone) with any standard hardwired alarm control panel. In addition, you can use up to (45) keyfobs and/or panic button transmitters, which makes for a total of (61) wireless security sensors.

The 60-660-01-95R Quik-Bridge wireless alarm receiver monitors the alarm, battery, tamper and supervisory status of all transmitters learned into the receiver's eight zones.

While this is a GE wireless alarm receiver, it will actually work with any alarm control panel that supports a common-loop ground for one or more its alarm zones.

60-660-01-95R GE Quik-Bridge 8-Channel Wireless Alarm Receiver Features:
  • Spatial-diversity receiver, which enhances reception
  • (8) Programmable zone outputs (N/C or N/O)
  • Selectable zone supervision (programmable)
  • RF (radio frequency) jam detection on zone 7 (optional)
  • Receiver cover/antenna tamper on zone 8 (optional)
  • (8) Red zone LEDs, which indicate zone openings and closings
  • (2) Yellow trouble LEDs, which indicate sensor low battery and supervision conditions
  • Support for a piezo (used for RF testing only) which, when used, sounds the number of transmissions received from learned transmitters
  • Compatibility with X-10 modules
  • On-board EEPROM that stores sensor IDs and programming information in non-volatile memory, even if power is removed

60-660-01-95R GE Quick Bridge 8-Channel Wireless Alarm Receiver PDFs for Additional Information:
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