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LogicMark LifeSentry 37915 Medical Alert Two-Way Voice Pendant by GEOARM®.

37915 - LogicMark LifeSentry Medical Alert Two-Way Voice Pendant
37915 - LogicMark LifeSentry Medical Alert Two-Way Voice Pendant
Item# 37915
List Price: $120.73
Your Price: $80.49

Add this two-way voice medical alert personal pendant to upgrade your LogicMark LifeSentry Medical Alert PERS System.

37915 LogicMark Two-Way Voice Medical Alert Pendant Product Description:
The LogicMark 37915 two-way voice medical alert pendant is the world's smallest two-way voice speakerphone pendant communicator. It provides crystal clear two-way voice communications with GeoArm's central station through the LifeSentry medical alert PERS base station. The 37915 personal pendant comes with a lanyard, a wrist/wheelchair strap holder and a belt clip so you have (3) convenient ways to carry your pendant at all times. When you encounter a medical emergency, simply press the button on the medical alert pendant to initiate a two-way call to GeoArm's central station. You can then ask a GeoArm operator to dispatch medical responders to your home to assist you in your medical emergency. You can even answer a normal phone call through your pendant so that you don't have to rush to a normal phone.

The 37915 medical alert pendant is powered by a single lithium-ion battery that provides over (4) hours of actual talk time and up to (4) months during standby with a full charge. Each LifeSentry system comes with (2) rechargeable batteries. One pendant battery powers the pendant, while the other battery can be inserted into the base station which will charge the spare battery. Simply swap the batteries once the pendant alerts you that the battery is low. There is a test button on the back of the pendant which will give you an audible announcement letting you know if the battery needs changing.

The pendant is also fully supervised. It checks in with your LifeSentry base station every thirteen hours. In the event of a power outage (after 8 hours), pendant low battery or loss of RF signal (for more than 52 hours), the system will send a supervision trouble signal to GeoArm's central station.

All medical alert equipment is covered by LogicMark's (1) year limited warranty

37915 LogicMark Two-Way Voice Medical Alert Pendant Recommendation:
GeoArm recommends one personal pendant for every person in your home that may need immediate assistance after a medical emergency. Keep in mind that you can only have a maximum of (4) two-way voice devices (pendant or wall communicator) for each LifeSentry base station.

Q & A's : LifeSentry 37915 Medical Alert Two-Way Voice Pendant

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