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2GIG-XCVR2-345 Bi-Directional 900 MHz Alarm Transceiver

2GIG-XCVR2-345 - Bi-Directional Transceiver
2GIG-XCVR2-345 - Bi-Directional Transceiver
Item# 2GIG-XCVR2-345
List Price: $38.70
Your Price: $25.80

Product Description
The 2GIG-XCVR2 Transceiver Module is designed to be used with the 2GIG Go!Control control panel. The transceiver is a dual frequency device. It receives 345 MHz signals from the system sensors, and receives and transmits 900 MHz signals to and from the Wireless Keypad. Use of the new 2GIG-TS1 requires a Go!Control panel with the 2GIG-XCVR2-345 installed and running system software version 1.8.

2GIG-XCVR2-345-900 MHz Transceiver:
  • Enable bi-directional communication with the Wireless Touch Screen Keypad (2GIG-TS1)
  • Easy to install into any Go!Control panel
  • Replaces existing 345 MHz receiver and provides both a 900 MHz transceiver and 345 MHz receiver


Q & A's : 2GIG XCVR2 Bi-Directional Alarm Transceiver

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