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IS2500LT - Honeywell Intellisense Low-Temperature Motion Detector

IS2500LT - Honeywell Intellisense Low Temperature Motion Detector
IS2500LT - Honeywell Intellisense Low Temperature Motion Detector
Item# CK-IS2500LT
List Price: $61.67
Your Price: $41.11

IS2500LT Honeywell Low-Temperature Motion Detector Product Description:
Honeywell's new IS2500 Series consists of a complete range of easy-to-install motion sensors featuring reliable detection, selectable pet immunity, improved false alarm protection and global compliance. The IS2500 is a great addition to any compatible Honeywell wired or hybrid security system. Sleek and attractive, all IS2500 sensors share the same family look.

The IS2500LT can be installed indoors where temperatures are as low as -40°F (-40°C) so it is ideal for garages, sheds and warehouses. It includes 35, 60 and 100 foot fresnel lenses for the motion detector and the IS2500LT also has an alarm memory.

IS2500LT Honeywell Low-Temperature Motion Detector Features:
  • Global Compliance - IS2500 designs meet many of the world's motion detector standards, including the new EN50131-1 and TS50131-2-2 standards.
  • Easy Installation - The IS2500 family contains 45° terminal blocks, EOL terminals and our new automatic walk test, making installation and testing a snap.
  • Selectable Sensitivity - Two DIP switches make it easy to adjust the sensitivity and adequately protect the premises. Four differed levels are available. Each setting modifies Either the PIR pulse count or the alarm threshold, allowing the utmost flexibility.
  • False Alarm Immunity - The IS2500 family is designed to meet false alarm standards including SIA, EN50131-1 and TS50131-2-2. Microprocessor control helps filter out real signals from false sources. Honeywell's patented Black Bug Guard helps eliminate false alarms due to bright lights.
  • Uniform Sensitivity Optics - Custom designed Fresnel lenses help detect intruders at the edge of the protected area as easily as an intruder who is directly in front of the motion detector.
  • Patented Mirror Look Down - Provides better coverage up close with multiple zones in the look down area.

IS2500LT Honeywell Low-Temperature Motion Detector PDFs for Additional Information:
Data Sheet for Honeywell Low-Temperature Motion Detector (IS2500LT)
Sales Brochure for Honeywell Low-Temperature Motion Detector (IS2500LT)
Installation Guide for Honeywell Low-Temperature Motion Detector (IS2500LT)

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