600-1048-XT - GE Simon XT Alarm.com Wireless 2G GSM Cellular Alarm Communicator

600-1048-XT - GE Simon XT Alarm.com Wireless 2G Cellular Alarm Communicator
600-1048-XT - GE Simon XT Alarm.com Wireless 2G Cellular Alarm Communicator
Item# 600-1048-XT
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600-1048-XT Simon XT Alarm.com Cellular GSM Alarm Communicator Description:
GeoArm utilizes the 600-1048-XT Simon XT cellular communicator to deliver secure and reliable digital alarm communications via the GSM network. The GSM cellular alarm communicator enables wireless reporting of all alarms and system events from a GE Simon XT wireless control panel using the all-digital, GSM/GPRS wireless network. The cellular communicator is ideal for anyone using VoIP or cell phones instead of a regular landline phone as it eliminates the need for a traditional phone line to send alarm signals from your Simon XT security system to a central alarm monitoring station. It also provides a more reliable alarm monitoring path by eliminating the ability to disable communications by cutting the home's phone line.

All signals are delivered to Alarm.com's Network Operations Center (NOC), which routes the information to GeoArm’s central alarm monitoring station. The dedicated wireless connection between an Alarm.com cellular communicator and Alarm.com’s NOC guarantees that all your alarm signals will be received by the central station even if your phone line is cut or you don’t have one.

Alarm.com Interactive Alarm Monitoring:
The 600-1048-XT Simon XT Alarm.com cellular communicator gives you the option for full control of your security system from any online computer or PDA. If you choose an interactive alarm monitoring plan, to go along with your cellular communicator, you will have access to an online account. From this account you will be able to remotely check your system’s current arming state and zone status, arm/disarm your system, edit system user codes, check event history, and setup text/email notifications based on different security system events. Take control of your GE Simon XT wireless security system with Alarm.com’s interactive alarm monitoring service.

Ensure Coverage:
1. GeoArm's central alarm monitoring station is licensed to monitor accounts in all 50 US states.

2. The 600-1048-XT cellular GSM communicator utilizes the AT&T coverage network, therefore you must verify you live in an area that is currently covered by AT&T.

600-1048-XT Simon XT Alarm.com Cellular GSM Alarm Communicator Features:
  • Fast, Reliable & Secure Wireless Signaling - Uses robust GPRS protocol ensuring two-way wireless connection that is faster and more reliable than the voice and SMS channels used by other GSM modules
  • No Separate Power Supply Needed - Runs on the Simon XT control panel's AC power and backup battery sources and can function reliably for 24+ hours during a power outage
  • Remote Monitoring & Control via Web/PDA/Cell - Online features include current arming state and zone status, remote arm/disarm commands, panel user code programming, and email/text message alert configuration for alarms
  • “Crash & Smash” Detection - Protects against an intruder "smashing" the control panel before it communicates with the central station; alarm will still be sent if panel has been "smashed"
  • Easy-to-Read Diagnostic LEDs - Indicate GSM signal strength, which can be useful when choosing the best location for installation of communicator and/or antenna
  • Easy Remote Programming with AirFX™ - Allows remote programming of Simon XT security system without the need for downloader software or a phone line connection to the control panel
  • Nationwide Coverage Footprint - Alarm.com's GSM services are available throughout North America and cover 95% of the populations of the United States and Canada

600-1048-XT Simon XT Alarm.com Cellular GSM Alarm Communicator

Dimensions (H x W) 103.12 x 47.625 (mm), 4.06 x 1.875 x 1.0 (in)
Installs inside the Simon XT alarm control panel
Power Requirements 6V nominal, 30mA standby current (10mA in power save mode), 1.5A peak current
Operating Environment 32° to 120°F (0° to 49°C)
Approvals FCC Part 15, PTCRB, ANSI/UL 985 (ULC S545), ANSI/UL 1023 (ULC 1023), ANSI/UL 1635
Compatibility Simon XT panels with software versions 0.0.H and later
Cellular Network Quad Band GSM/GPRS
(Operates on the 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz frequency bands)
Operating Humidity 90%, non-condensing

600-1048-XT Simon XT Alarm.com Cellular GSM Alarm Communicator PDFs:
Data Sheet for Simon XT Alarm.com Cellular GSM Alarm Communicator (600-1048-XT)
Installation Guide for Simon XT Alarm.com Cellular GSM Alarm Communicator (600-1048-XT)
Quick Install Guide for Alarm.com Cellular GSM Alarm Communicators
Alarm.com Cellular GSM Alarm Communicator “Crash & Smash” Feature

Alarm.com GSM Communicators are designed to work plug-and-play over AT&T's GSM Network.
All Cellular GSM Network Fees are Included – No Overages or Third-Party Bills!

Q & A's : Alarm.com 600-1048-XT Cellular Alarm Communicator

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