FG701 - Honeywell Intellisense Glassbreak Simulator/Tester

FG701 - Honeywell Intellisense Glassbreak Tester
FG701 - Honeywell Intellisense Glassbreak Tester
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Honeywell FG701 Product Description:

The Honeywell FG701 is a glassbreak simulator that produces extremely loud sounds and can be hazardous to hearing when used at close range. Never operate the FG701 when it is pointed toward someone's head. The FG701 glassbreak simulator is for testing the range and function of all FlexGuard glassbreak detectors. The FG701 should be used to test whether your hardwired or wireless glassbreak detector is working correctly.

Honeywell FG701 Compatible:

• CEO25
• MX700
• FG1025R
• FG-1525Z
• FG1025F
• FG1015
• FG1008
• FG-1625
• FG-1625F
• FG-1025Z
• FG-1525R
• FG-1025
• FG-1525T
• FG-730


Q & A's : Honeywell FG701 Glass Break Simulator

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