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AP669 - GE Ceiling Mount Motion Detector

AP669 - GE Ceiling-Mount Motion Detector
AP669 - GE Ceiling-Mount Motion Detector
Item# AP669
List Price: $143.18
Your Price: $95.45

AP669 GE Ceiling-Mount Wired Motion Detector Product Description:
The AP669 ceiling-mount wired motion detector with Dual Optic Technology™ incorporates two independent pyros, two separate custom integrated circuits, and two 180° mirror segments that provide two independent fields of view. This design yields (18) solid curtains and increased the motion detector's overall volume of coverage, while the two mirrors provide additional flexibility by enabling one mirror segment to be shunted.

The AP669 celing-mount wired motion detector uses patented 4D signal processing technology to evaluate whether the size, speed, shape and duration of an incoming signal match that generated by a human. This technology automatically adapts its alarm threshold when faced with environmental disturbances for fewer false alarms.

AP669 GE Ceiling-Mount Wired Motion Detector Features:
  • Range: 60' diameter with 360° coverage
  • 180° shunt gives flexibility to use only one half the unit's field of view when necessary
  • (18) full curtains provide detection at all mounting heighs, from 8-16'
  • Head and base unit rotates 15° in either direction for easier aiming
  • Adaptive 4D signal processing analyzes size, speed, shape and duration of signal
  • Tamper contact


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