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ACU - Honeywell AlarmNet Total Connect Analog Security Camera Converter

ACU - Honeywell AlarmNet Analog Converter Unit
ACU - Honeywell AlarmNet Analog Converter Unit
Item# ACU
List Price: $258.25
Your Price: $172.17

Add up to six (6) ACU analog video converter units to upgrade your current analog video surveillance cameras with GeoArm's Total Connect video surveillance service.

AlarmNet Security Cameras require Broadband Internet Service.
For Advanced Router Configurations, you may need to Contact your Network Administrator.

AlarmNet Total Connect Standalone Video Surveillance:
Unlike other video surveillance solutions, Total Connect's IP video service does not need a digital video recorder (DVR). The only requirement is an AlarmNet IP camera, power and broadband internet service at the location, as well as a wireless router if you want true wireless flexibility. The recorded video gets stored securely offsite in the AlarmNet Network Control Center so there is never a threat of video being destroyed onsite. With standalone video surveillance you would be able to remotely log in from a computer, PDA, or cell phone to view live video footage or recorded clips and receive notification of new recorded video.

AlarmNet's Total Connect video service combines cost-effective, easy-to-install cameras with a comprehensive, customer-focused communications service. Total Connect remote video services lets end-users view activity around the interior or exterior of their homes or businesses on PCs or mobile devices over a highly security internet connection.

ACU AlarmNet Total Connect Analog Video Converter Unit Product Description:
The ACU allows any video surveillance camera that outputs NTSC video to be used with Honeywell's AlarmNet Total Connect Video services. AlarmNet's Total Connect Video service allows you to look in live to your property anytime and anywhere as long as you have a web enabled PDA, cell phone, or computer. You also would have the ability to record video whenever a camera detects motion. Unlike an expensive traditional digital video recorder (DVR) surveillance system which stores its data on site, the ACU transmits its data to an offsite remote location ensuring the security of your recordings.

The ACU has a video pass-through connection for a direct NTSC video feed to a local monitor. It also has a WPS button for a Wi-Fi connection back to your WPS capable router or to the AlarmNet wireless access point (WAP).

ACU AlarmNet Total Connect Analog Video Converter Unit Free Custom Programming:
Custom security system programming is FREE for all GeoArm monitored clients.

ACU AlarmNet Total Connect Analog Video Converter Unit Features:


Q & A's : Honeywell ACU Analog Converter Unit

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