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60-760-95R - GE Quik Bridge Non-Supervised 2-Channel Wireless Receiver

60-760-95R - GE Quik Bridge 2-Channel Wireless Alarm Receiver
60-760-95R - GE Quik Bridge 2-Channel Wireless Alarm Receiver
Item# 60-760-95R
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60-760-95R GE Quick Bridge 2-Channel Wireless Alarm Receiver Product Description:
The 60-760-95R Quik-Bridge non-supervised, 2-channel wireless alarm receiver allows (2) zones of an alarm control panel to use GE wireless sensors. This GE wireless alarm receiver allows you to add up to (4) GE wireless sensors and/or alarm keyfobs to your hardwired security system. You may assign the wireless sensors to the two-receiver alarm zones in any combination (4 on zone 1 and 0 on zone 2, 3 on zone 1 and 1 on zone 2, etc.) The installation guide shows all possible combinations and how the wireless sensors would be connected.

While this is a GE wireless alarm receiver, it will actually work with any alarm control panel that supports a common-loop ground for one or more its alarm zones. The 60-760-95R Quik-Bridge 2-channel wireless alarm receiver is compatible with GE wireless 2-button and 4-button wireless keyfobs, wireless motion detectors, wireless smoke detectors, wireless panic buttons and wireless door/window alarm contacts.

60-760-95R GE Quik Bridge 2-Channel Wireless Alarm Receiver PDFs for Additional Information:
Install Guide for GE Wireless Receiver (60-760-95R)

Q & A's : GE 60-760-95R Wireless Receiver

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