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2GIG-WA105DBZ-1 - Wireless Siren & Strobe Light

2GIG-WA105DBZ-1 - Wireless Siren & Strobe Light
2GIG-WA105DBZ-1 - Wireless Siren & Strobe Light
Item# WA105DBZ-1
List Price: $72.56
Your Price: $48.37

2GIG-WA105DBZ-1 Product Description:

The 2GIG-WA105DBZ-1 is a wireless Z-Wave enabled combination sounder/strobe warning device, designed to alert intruders of a security system presence. Once paired with a compatible Z-Wave controller or hub, the sensor can be turned on or off remotely via the Z-Wave controller and network. When on, the sounder emits a very loud 105 dB alert tone and the integrated strobe flashes brightly.

The sounder/strobe is designed to be wall-mounted, and comes with a UL-approved AC plug-in power supply and offers an integrated battery backup, in case of AC power interruption.

Product Features:

  • Sounder volume: 105 dB @ 1 Meter
  • Strobe illumination: 4 white LED, 360 lumens
  • For non-life safety applications
  • 100' line-of-sight range
  • Anti-tamper design
  • AC powered w/battery backup

Q & A's : 2GIG WA105DBZ-1 Wireless Siren & Strobe Light

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