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2GIG Alarm Communication Paths

from $8 a Month!
from $8 a Month!
from $15 a Month!
from $15 a Month!

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GEOARM and 2GIG's wireless alarm communication products deliver a unique combination of reliable technology and superior value. Founded in 2007 2GIG has been manufacturing the most technologically advanced residential security and home management solutions in the alarm industry to date. 2GIG Technologies is a member of the Z-Wave Alliance, which enables 2GIG to provide customers with one of the most innovative, interactive home security platforms on the market. Additionally, 2GIG has partnered with T-Mobile USA M2M division to provide a robust wireless infrastructure for its security suite of products. 2GIG Technologies and GeoArm are committed to providing consumers with the flexibility and cost-effective technology necessary to manage their home automation and security functions from the panel's LCD touch-screen display, the internet, or their PDA.
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