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Phone Line Alarm Monitoring from $10/month

VoIP Alarm Monitoring from $10/month

Internet Alarm Monitoring from $12/month

Cellular Alarm Monitoring from $20/month

Dual Path Alarm Monitoring from $20/month

Interactive Alarm Monitoring from $25/month

Video Surveillance Alarm Monitoring from $15/month

Video Verification Alarm Monitoring from $30/month

America's Premier Short-Term Alarm Monitoring Company in Watertown, Wisconsin

With GeoArm Security Solutions there are No Hidden Fees or Alarm Signal Overage Monitoring Fees in Watertown, Wisconsin. GeoArm clients receive burglar, fire, carbon monoxide, smoke, heat, panic, flood, freeze, temperature and asset protection for no additional monthly cost! Here at GeoArm we believe there should not be any additional costs for monitoring different security system sensors. Our central station operators are professional, courteous and trained to respond in accordance with Watertown, Wisconsin alarm dispatch procedures. So have peace of mind knowing that GeoArm operators are always there for you, protecting you and your property around the clock 24/7/365.

Watertown, Wisconsin Wireless Security Systems

GeoArm Security Solutions Corporate Profile

With over 35 years of experience, GeoArm's central alarm monitoring station is Watertown, Wisconsin’s premier choice for Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed alarm monitoring service. GeoArm’s alarm monitored clients enjoy paying just $10/month for traditional phone line alarm monitoring services for their business or home security. With no moving fees and nationwide alarm monitoring service (excluding Hawaii), GeoArm can protect you and your property no matter where you may end up moving within the continental United States! GeoArm's flexible alarm communication paths include phone line, internet, cellular and dual path security system alarm monitoring. Whether you have an existing security system and want to take advantage of our discount alarm monitoring services or are thinking about purchasing a new wireless security system, GeoArm is Watertown, Wisconsin's best choice for low cost do-it-yourself (DIY) home security.

With nearly 200,000 accounts, GeoArm's "state-of-the-art" UL listed central alarm monitoring station is equipped to monitor burglar, fire (smoke & heat), carbon monoxide, flood, temperature, asset protection and medical (panic) signals throughout Watertown, Wisconsin. Upon receiving an alarm signal, a trained central alarm monitoring station operator will act in accordance with Watertown, Wisconsin's laws and, if needed, dispatch the appropriate authorities.

GeoArm offers nationwide alarm monitoring services and new do-it-yourself wireless security systems throughout Watertown, Wisconsin. With short term discount alarm monitoring services and flexible alarm communication paths, GeoArm is the leader in DIY small business and home security solutions. GeoArm's brand name wireless security system manufacturers include Honeywell, GE, DSC and RSI Videofied. In the event any security system equipment is damaged upon delivery, "bad out of the box", or is simply lost in the mail, rest assured knowing GeoArm has you covered. All GeoArm wireless security systems are priced to sell and include free shipping insurance. GeoArm also honors all of our security manufacturers' warranties. Our established vendor relationships help guarantee GeoArm gets top priority in dealing with all product replacement inquiries in the most professional and timely manner.

Upon GeoArm receiving your new wireless security system online order, an automatic email will ask you to fill out a security system programming form so we can custom program your wireless security system based on your property's needs. All GeoArm wireless security systems are programmed using full contact ID, so that GeoArm's alarm monitoring operators know exactly what wireless sensor/detector triggered the alarm. This valuable piece of alarm monitoring information helps assist the Watertown, Wisconsin police and/or fire department when responding to an alarm at your property. Simply stated, GeoArm's thorough security system programming and detailed account setup helps saves time when it matters most.

Once programmed, your new wireless security system will be sent directly to your Watertown, Wisconsin home or business, fully programmed for free and clearly labeled with numbered stickers to make your security system installation a breeze. Most GeoArm security products include easy DIY wireless security mounting materials including 3M double-sided tape and/or industrial strength VELCRO® Brand fastener tape along with the manufacturer supplied screws and wall anchors. Once the wireless products are fully installed, a GeoArm alarm technician will help you perform a security system "walk test" to verify that your new wireless security system has been programmed properly and has sent successful alarm signals to our UL listed central alarm monitoring station.

DIY small business and home security has never been this easy, convenient or affordable. Finally, Watertown, Wisconsin can say goodbye to costly, inconvenient and timely onsite service calls with GeoArm’s easy DIY security solutions. Keep in mind that all Watertown, Wisconsin home alarm monitored GeoArm accounts may be eligible for a discount of up to 20% off their homeowners insurance. Talk to your insurance agent and if eligible, fill out this free home alarm insurance certificate. Additionally, all GeoArm monitored Watertown, Wisconsin clients will receive a $10 credit for each and every alarm referral that becomes a GeoArm monitored account. With a Better Business Bureau (BBB) A Rating, GeoArm clients trust us to take care of their business and home security needs throughout Watertown, Wisconsin. Get GeoArmed Watertown and start saving your property, life and money today!

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